Challenges faced by Entrepreneurial mothers

Lack of efficiency and performance is the biggest challenge faced by a large number of entrepreneurial mothers. This article outlines challenges faced by entrepreneur moms and provides pertinent avenues to follow to circumvent this difficulty.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by working moms?

 As a mom entrepreneur, you have to face two challenges without always being aware of them:

 1-Successfully developing your business in a family environment: it is indeed the choice made by a majority of you.

2-Successfully switching from a salaried mode of operation to an entrepreneur mode of operation. This change is far from trivial but is essential if you want to succeed as a mom entrepreneur.

To meet both of these challenges, here are relevant tracks that can help you become more effective as a mom entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurial mothers

1- Create your business bubble, as often as possible
It is imperative for your own effectiveness to create what is called your “business bubble” at your home. This “business bubble” must allow you when you are within to fully and 100% devote yourself to the various tasks of your business, eliminating any distracting external harmful to your efficiency. As you know, there are plenty of distractions when working in your home: children, domestic chores, family / family phone calls, the Internet etc. So you have to identify the distractions that have a negative impact on your own effectiveness as an entrepreneur and to look for the opportunities for change that you can operate in your organization, to get away from it. Only then can you be effective.

2-Managing your business with the cap of an entrepreneur

By setting yourself to your own account, You have chosen to change your status, that is to say, to change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you now to think in terms of vision for your company, goals to achieve in the long term and actions to be put in place and to develop to achieve the results that you expect. Finally, do not forget to regularly analyze your results to adapt your strategies.

3-Adopt modes of operation that support your effectiveness

Take the time and step back to ask yourself about your modes of operation, your own strengths and limitations, and discover the strategies you use naturally and often unconsciously in all your successes, small or large. Indeed, the more you are aware of your modes of operation and the more you can act in order to be as efficient as possible. You can then replicate the attitudes and behaviors that support your effectiveness and modify those that are counterproductive.

Your Smartphone’s Security Matters, Don’t Compromise on It

The experts of Cybersecurity recommend that owners of smartphones must take some secure steps for keeping their smartphone devices safe. You can do this by using a passcode to get access to it and also updating the operating system and apps timely.

It’s been recorded from a report released this year by Pew Research Center, many of you, however, doesn’t follow these practices or aren’t cleaving to them.

More than 28% people owning smartphones say they don’t even lock the screen and also they don’t have any passcode or pattern to access their smartphone. While the majority of people say that they update their phone, as well as all the applications only when they have suitable time to do that. There are some users, who even avoid this practice of installing the updates on their devices. Around 14% report they never update their phone’s OS and 10% report that they don’t follow the practice of app updating.

Count across various age groups taking security steps
It’s been reportedly concluded that the owners below the age of 65, update their smartphones regularly, while the people who are above 65 doesn’t take any security steps, and don’t update their phone.

Count across various age groups taking security steps

Few owners are especially active taking steps to secure their smartphones
Your phone’s security has drawn attention to the consequences like hacking into the device of others and also bypass the software of encryption. Not only this, a number of high-profile cases have been there of hacking a smartphone in recent years, because of security issues.

The story related to security of smartphones is not negative completely; since very few people are there (around 3% only) who say that they don’t install the updates of their phone’s operating system and applications, and also they don’t use any lock for a screen.

When it comes to making smartphone safe and secure, some users actively take the steps recommended by the experts of cyber security. Around 22% say that they put any lock screen password, update their apps that would either updates the device automaticallywhen the new update of operating system’s version is offered.

Almost around 75% of smartphone owners include the ones who use the lock screen passcode or pattern, unlike more active ones, updates the OS and apps only as per their convenience. This much percentage of users lies in the middle of this spectrum of mobile security.

Consequences users face using the network connection at public places
The technology of smartphones has made users able to perform several tasks and functions irrespective of time and place. But such connections aren’t secure. They have the ability to hold the potential to give rise to certain threats related to cyber security. For instance, the network connections at public places such as the airport or cyber cafes lead to most of the cyber threats as this could reveal the user’s personal information, which is risky.

Consequences users face using the network connection at public places

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, around 54% of users using the internet on Wi-Fi networks available publically, 21% are performing activities like online shopping  and making payments online using several payment gateways.

Performing such activities, they enter their personal details including their mail id, contact number, debit or credit card number and pin, and several hackers hack such information that may lead to cybercrime.

Following certain steps and practices of security recommended by cyber security experts, will keep your device safe. Also, your personal information will remain safe and confidential that would let you use your devices without any worries and threats.

Take Necessary Actions at the Right Time

Are you in your early 40s or 50s and experiencing hot flashes with frequent headaches and mood swings? Don’t panic, it could be the symptoms of menopause and don’t think it’s a kind of disease. The reason why many women think it’s an illness because it has many variations from one woman to another.

It might not be an easy task to combat menopause, but it has definitive treatment and various therapies to treat each symptom emotionally and physically. When you notice some changes in your body make sure you visit a doctor and identify what’s happening and why? It’s necessary to understand your body condition at the initial stage to avoid further complications.

Why is medical advice important?

Your medical advisor can help you with a certain prescription that’s highly beneficial to maintain the blood and bone health during a menopausal phase. If you’re perimenopausal or post-menopausal women visit your health care expert for a physical exam, which includes mammogram, breast exam, and pelvic exam.

Why is medical advice important

If anything wrong is indicated in the medical exam reports, make sure you learn the risk factors associated with that disease and take necessary steps to lessen the risk factors. Make necessary changes such as, change in diet, switch to healthy food habits, physical activity, and reduce the alcohol intake.

1.     Loss of bone density

Many health experts say that rapid loss in bone density is common during the perimenopausal phase. Some women in their mid-20s and early 30s might reach the peak of bone density and on an average; there will be 0.15% bone loss every year.

Nearly, 3-4% bone loss accelerates per year in perimenopause and later it might drop back to 2-3 % bone loss. Generally, no women experience pain when there’s a bone loss, but bone loss leads to osteoporosis. The condition that could increase the bone fractures risk and results in intense pain.

Osteoporosis can’t be diagnosed using normal medical test or on based upon the general symptoms. There are certain circumstances that your doctor might recommend to measure the bone density, such as DEXA scan (dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry). This test gives the calculation of bone mineral density and also provides the comparison of the average value that’s standard.

2.     Cardiovascular disease

During menopause, there could be a possibility of a decrease in your estrogen levels and increase in cardiovascular disease. Heart disease is said to be the leading cause of death in men and women. It’s important to follow a regular physical activity, maintain healthy diet and weight. Make sure to ask your doctor about the risk factors and ways to protect your heart.

Right step at the right time

3.     Body weight

During the menopause transition, women gain weight because there might be slow down in metabolism. Watch out for your weight and maintain the current weight by performing a more physical activity and reduce the intake of junk foods.

4.     Sexual intercourse

There could be possible of discomfort while sexual intercourse due to lack of moist production and elasticity, which leads to vaginal dryness and this might decrease the sexual desire. Help yourself to choose vaginal lubricants and moisturizers that don’t contain glycerin. This is to avoid irritation and burning sensation at the time of intercourse.

Right step at the right time

Some of the symptoms need treatments, so make sure you talk to the doctor and receive the best tips to manage the menopause. Seek medical advice from the doctor who knows your family medical history and as well as yours. The proper treatment can effectively help your body to combat the bone density.

Top 5 Styling Tips for Man

Fashion is just not prescribed for women, these days men have become are more conscious about their style. You can find men spending their quality time in picking the trendy outfits for their women. In fact men have a style element that makes them unique and looks like a cool guy.

If you want to be a fashionista and leave the best impression on people then you should dress up with that clothes that don’t make you look flashy. Make sure you are the next version of well-dressed using casual style and describe your behavior through your style.

1.     Get a mature look

Give up your graphic tees when you have better options to follow and be a youth icon. Sometimes, a graphic tee doesn’t make you edgy, funny, and original. When you wear the graphic tee, you find a similar guy with the sporting the same graphic tee ultimately, you’ll be one among all in the crowd.

You might have noticed that in movies a graphic tee is never worn by masculine, tough action guy or a heartthrob; instead a slacker or man-child character wearing the graphic tees. Opt for solid, striped tees, one-color tees, and Henleys to get a cooler and masculine look that makes you stand out of the crowd in the graphic tee wearing ocean.

2.     Rock the look with jeans

The important thing to avoid jeans that make you look like a clown so, make sure you pick the right pair of jeans to get a casual look. Avoid a baggy jean that makes to pull up the jeans in every five seconds. Choose a pair of jeans that helps to keep jeans themselves on your legs without a help of a belt and they don’t pool around the ankles.

Pick clean, straight jeans that are perfect and designed for your body, which helps to look you awesome and a style king. They fit you better and give a versatile look, and don’t end up wearing overly embellished jeans.

Styling Tips for Man

3.     Add life to your wardrobe

Like everyone knows that jeans are a great legwear, but don’t think it’s the only option because it looks the same kind. Try to add some variety of fabrications and patterns to your wardrobe that can be a pair of chinos. You can increase your wardrobe with a number of outfits when you have a pair of chinos.

Expert stylish recommend that wearing a pair of chinos in subdued colors like army green or gray below the waist makes a man to stand out of crowd and adds elegance to your style.

4.     Choose the footwear wisely

You know that a woman observes a man completely from top to bottom, including the footwear. Never make styling mistake like wearing beat-up, dirty sneakers because it can ruin the excellent outfit and your persona too. Make sure you replace them with dignified footwear.

If you want to make a woman feel that you’re a complete man then match the footwear that adds extra later to your style. Try wearing a brown leather loafer with the formal attire and also to the casual look, they look super cool and excellent choice when preferred for comfortable.

5.     Elevate your casual look with a jacket

A man in a jacket or blazer accentuates the male frame just like an ornament. A blazer look makes a man look smarter because it goes with all outfits and it’s said to be the favorite for business and casual men. Wear a plain white tee with jeans and add a blazer for a pretty damn sharp look.

An exciting experience on any accessories at any time

Shopping trends have changed very much in the past few years and it is absolutely true because of the online shopping trend. Where online shopping is utilized to be limited for some big online stores in past, but now people are finding thousands of enterprises. Those enterprises are shipping products around the world and customer feels very secure and confident while shopping in online. Stores that contain both outlines, as well as online stores, took many pros of their application to enhance the internal store shopping experience. Many companies are rendering options like coupons, mobile payments and giving details on the physical store location for the shoppers. Using the behavioral information to present shoppers with the related products is a great way to revamp the sales. This is one of the ways to personalize online shopping experiences, but many companies are not taking advantage through it.

The things that are must for shopping firm in:

Authenticity: Authenticity is the broad concept with the definition that is hard to put the finger on. An executive from many companies have shared different opinions on them regarding authenticity and the main thing of authenticity is the simpler concept. The concept of authenticity derived from knowing the customer, their requirements and how to communicate with them. Brands are the one that catches customer very easily and in online people will get many options for shopping.

The things that are must for shopping firm

Marketing experience: Most of the shopping firm are taking the word love to live and makes the customer feel like that. It may be staying just little with friends on weekend to see what evening will bring or to take some last-minute vacation anywhere, shopping is mandatory. Publishers can provide the range of things from the live presentations and much information to engage with communities.

Brand speaks more: Even though people consider the price while purchasing any product, the brand also stands on another side. Some enterprises are more sensitive about price and the purchasing decisions are highly influenced by the product cost. Most enterprises are not concerned about where they avail their product or how good the item is made, once the price is correct, then customer move towards it.

Mobile shopping: In 2017 everyone knows the importance of mobile and their applications compared to last few years. It seems like no topic will be finished even single information about the smartphones nowadays. Because all people are in tech-savvy generations and these technologies are playing the major role in day to day life. From mobile people can shopping catalogs, coupon books and more that they can’t imagine.