2018 Interior Trends Showing The Seams And Simplifying Spaces

Rustic, reclaimed furniture, exposed bulb lighting, shades of grey, and a major purge of non-essentials are just a few of the big design trends that are easy to spot in recently renovated spaces. This year, designers and consumers have fully embraced the shabby chic, DIY look with a touch of glitter and glam, but with a serious aversion to clutter. Even with lots of defined, clean, tech-driven modern minimalism, there are many opportunities to show off the seams and simplify a space.

Whimsey For All Ages

One trend that’s grown over the last year is a touch of whimsey and DIY fun with various decor elements. Homeowners are on a constant quest to declutter their spaces but not at a sacrifice to personality-driven pieces and off-beat, one-of-kind accents. This trend has trickled down from high style, artisan made accents from Etsy and independent craft markets, to big box home decor and department stores like HomeGoods and Target. Unicorn bookends, mermaid-inspired sequence pillows, and accents featuring other mythical creatures are as popular as ever, and not just for children’s bedrooms.

Clean And Cool Colors

Beige, brown, and earth tone palettes have fallen out of favor for neutral color schemes. Light, soft, cool shades of grey have now started to dominate walls and countertops. These tones are paired and warmed with matte finished gold, brushed bronze, and copper in the form of fasteners, hardware, and geometric light fixtures that include partly visible or fully exposed vintage style LEDs.

Warm, Up-cycled Crafting 

Up-cycled, artfully crafted additions are seen in reclaimed wood pieces used to create coffee tables and shelves. Repurposed industrial components lend themselves to this trend. Crafty homeowners are using various types of copper flat washers including metric sizes or pennies and other coins to make visually intriguing countertops, backsplashes, and flooring with epoxy resin. One of the primary advantages being the ease of acquiring large quantities of these items for just about any project space.

Exposed And Industrial

Even with clean, modern lines used for the bones of a room, decor conscious consumers are responsive to industrial, exposed, and unpolished elements scattered throughout a design. The popularity of exposed Edison bulbs and the resilience of the steampunk-inspired clockwork esthetic are testaments to that. This is consistent with the embrace of bulky yarn blankets and woven textiles that show all the seams and stitch-work as a feature, rather than something to be hidden.

Minimalist Yet Organic

Greenery has also come back in a big way. The use of succulents, cacti, and other low maintenance plants as decor is a trend that remains strong. This touch of nature contributes to a minimalist yet organic feel in modern spaces.

Overall, homeowners and consumers with an eye for design are embracing a simplified and airy feel, which is no coincidence as people are trying to do more with smaller living spaces. As long as tighter, urban homes draw more buyers, and people seek to declutter their lives and living space, these trends could be here to stay for quite some time.

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hunting endeavour

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Night Vision Scope

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Best BBCOR Baseball Bats, Durable And More Powerful Than The Traditional Wooden Bats

Baseball is basically a game of American origination. It is a game that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world and is played mostly during the summer season. If you’ve ever seen a baseball game you must know that the game doesn’t require much equipment except for a baseball bat and a ball. Keeping aside the baseball glove that the different players wear to catch the ball, baseball is very much like the game of cricket but with slight differences.

The importance of a baseball bat goes to a very long way as the science of the game might be a little complex. The batters used a round shaped bat to hit a round shaped ball in a square direction. Yes, to master this art of hitting the ball in a baseball game requires years of practice and precision. How can you possibly see and hit a ball that is travelling at almost 400mph and is coming right at you? Well that is what the game is all about, a sweet connection of the ball with the bat to send it swinging all the way out of bounds for a homerun. So what are the basic properties that are needed to be kept in mind when selecting a baseball bat? The range of best BBCOR baseball bats might be the solution to your baseball bat choice problems.

Properties of a baseball bat

Properties of a baseball bat

 Baseball bats are a tricky thing when it comes to selecting the one that suits you the best. Different properties are to be kept in mind when selecting a baseball bat also depending on the batter. Baseball bats come in different material like wood, metal and aluminum. Lighter bats are preferred over heavy bats as it gives the batter a better chance to swing it with full power. Making the choice of the bat also depends on the type of game it will be used for. Professional baseball players are only allowed to use wood bats. However wooden bats are often considered weak for powerful shots. Best BBCOR baseball bats are a range of better version of baseball bats that are better than the wooden counterparts and are more durable.


The most important commodity for a baseball game is the baseball bat used. In order to ensure a proper hit and excel in the game, you need to use the best brand available out there. BBCOR provides some of the best baseball bats available.

Adult Baseball Bat

Some of their best products include:

  • Louisville Slugger Prime 918 -3 2018 BBCOR Baseball Bat

It is one of the highest rated bats made of micro form composite material. The construction of the bat is made such that it provides a very comfortable feel and grip. It is a 3 piece construction bat which is designed to absorb any extra vibration created during the play. It is one of the best composite bats. Its special features include extreme durability and flexibility of the product.

  • Rawlings Quatro BBCOR Baseball Bat (-3) BB8Q3

It is a newer model which has been updated on various grounds as compared to the 2017 version. It uses a combination of two technologies namely Tru-View and vibration dampening technology. It is composed of a two-piece design and uses fiber composite material. It is extremely lightweight which can be an important utility feature for a baseball bat. It has an optical yellow grip for an increased and effective handling. It is secured by a BBCOR certification.

  • Louisville Slugger Select 718 (-3) WTLBBS718B3 Adult Baseball Bat

It can be considered to an updated version of the 716 bat. It has a 3 piece hybrid construction and uses a TRU3 technology wherein shock absorption is facilitated. As a result, a lot of vibration is decreased. It is composed of an alloy barrel and a composite handle for extra sturdiness. It is covered in lizard skin in the area of the handle that gives extra comfort during handling. It includes a BBCOR certification.

  • 2017 COMBAT VIGOR -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat: VG2AB103

It is a very good option for a high school baseball bat. It is an entirely composite one-piece with a single-walled barrel construction. A large surface area for contact provides a good range of force that can be offered during a hit. It includes the lizard skin grip which is beneficial for an extra grip during play. The fully composite bat provides a higher hitting performance. With a single-walled barrel, a trampoline effect is created, which might not be suited if you are looking for a power hitter.

  • 2017 Anderson Flex -3 BBCOR Baseball Bat

The bat involves a construction of the aerospace grade aluminum material. This not only makes it extremely durable but also very lightweight. It can be a perfect choice if you are looking for a power hitter for the performance in the game.