Maintenance packages or contract in car leasing process ispart of important paper work between client and the company. They are extra optional packs to the leasing contract. Maintenance Packages gives complete peace of mind to cover all costs which are not anticipated. Lease can be taken out by individuals or by business car leasing. What exactly Maintenance packages deliver to clients and companies?

What will Maintenance Package cover?

Maintenance packages cover any thing which comes for repair or any replacing parts like tyres, wipers etc… in the leasing period. But it will not cover parts which are to be replaced because of accidental damage.  It also cover 24/7 road side assistance in case of break down or empty fuel tank. This package also covers regular servicing of the vehicle either based on number of miles or number of months. The parts which are covered are electrical parts like bulbs, batteries, wiper blades, belts, exhausts and motors, tyres along with valves and balance.

Business Car Leasing

How it works?

The maintenance package when opted while business car leasing, the paper work is duly signed by client and the economyleasing upon agreement of all rules. Once finance company facilitating the lease receives the documents, it sends back a driver card with all the information. It have all contact numbers like for servicing, road side assistance. Those phone numbers to be called for booking slot for maintenance and also appointments for repair. They can also prioritise the urgent repairs. All these services have free home delivery of vehicle too. There will be dedicated technicians who work on problematic vehicles and resolve issues successfully. They always have fixed costs and protect the client form inflation and unexpected maintenance costs.

How the costs vary?

 Costs vary with the packages chosen at the time of leasing. Obviously the charges shoot up when mileages are high as the wear and tear of tyres and other parts are at stake. The clients who cross 19000 miles each year will benefit most with the packages. The business order with more than 10 cars would also get benefits with the maintenance packages.

What will package do not cover?

The package does not cover any repair or replacement required because of accident or driver faults. Any broken items due to any means and even vandalism are not covered. If any fraud is suspected in paperwork, the leasing company have right to reject the claims.

The wind screen or glass replacement is not covered at all in any packages.

Users may have confusion whether to take the contract or not. But check all the papers and rules of agreement and analyse if it suits. These are the steps to go forward to pick a suitable contract.

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