So! You have a website. How interesting! What is it all about? What can I learn from your website?

These are the “not asked” but silently being looked for by people going online every day. There are billions and billions of people going online every day and reaching to these people on a global scale is something that you need to do in order to have a website that is profitable. So here are some website advice guides in order to succeed:

It’s all about the traffic

Yup, because if traffic is bad in the city, online this is very good. Because these people that are visiting your site are helping you generate income thru PPC and helps recommend your site to their friends’ and families.

Have great contents

The look on the website might attract people to check out your website buy you do need good contents like SEO principles to help your website land on the top pages of search engines. This ain’t cheating; it’s about the science on generating traffic and sales.


Updates, updates, and updates

A boring website doesn’t have visitors, while an active website with constant updates attracts people and if you utilize SEO with this it can help you generate more traffic and more sales.

Contact details

Emails or company contact numbers, these are the things that your customers want to have in order to ask for exclusive offers and even message you about the good and the bad experiences that they had.

Be an affiliate

One of the things that can help you generate income is to become an affiliate: Alibaba, Amazon, eBay etc. It’s a good passive income that can be properly managed and highly profitable if you have a website that generates high traffic.

Have an active social media

One thing that people love nowadays are companies that are active in social media. It has posts every day, they tweet, they message their fans and subscribers, they give exclusive deals and posts flash sales and the like. People like this because if they follow you for example on Facebook it will show up in their feed every day and they will check on it.

Message sponsors

You can’t be shy to message sponsors, because if you think that you have good reviews and positive feedbacks from your followers and you are using this particular brand of a product like a camera, shoe, make-up etc. Message these companies and ask them if they are willing to sponsor one of your blogs or videos featuring their products. If you they see your worth they will contact you!

Have a YouTube channel

There are various types of learners and the most common and the visual types, so in order for you to get these types of people do a video together with your article or blog. It can be in a form of a tutorial, review or even a vlog. If you don’t know how to there are a ton of videos in you YouTube that can help you start even if you have a cheap camera so this is not an excuse.

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