It is a sense of concern for many of the companies located in china.  Intellectual property is in short termed as IP where IP enforcement is played its consistency role among number of issues raised by USCBC (US china business council) members in an annual survey every year. The China Intellectual Property laws, rules and respective regulations will impact on the increase of international standards consequently. Even china also made rigorous efforts in order to protect and enforce its definite rights possibly. In terms of challenging issues, some of the lingering issues are included with legal framework of IP in china in the cadres of trade secrets, enforcement that are uneven, important procedural barriers will eventually protect IP with the existence of company that are frustrated and made efforts in china. Especially the counterfeiters and infringers even build up their personal parallel networks and also find the ways of infiltrating legitimate networks in china accordingly.

infiltrating legitimate networks

 In order to protect the IP in china, most of the companies follow up the below steps;

Lets discuss keenly on the below features in a pattern wise with the help of effective Information technology aspects by keeping in mind;

Initially your company need to be registered the intellectual property in china.

  • Always ensure that the tracking facility for defining flow of different modes of data and the number of file transfers of the entire employee in a company.
  • Additionally included with internal stakeholders like the HR department of a company will monitor accordingly based on the development and implementation of policies that are essentially required for a desired growth in a sequential manner.
  • Establish effective IT mechanism principles like providing authorized logins for individual users. In short, in a company discussing accessing of individual users or employee those who will be provided with their respective authenticated passwords to have their access with no issue.
  • Always try to concentrate on human resources functionality. Try to bring awareness for the employees of your company regarding organization requirements based on confidential issues.
  • Always try to control, monitor the accessing features assisted for the employee regarding sensitive equipments depending upon job working functionality. Hence you will have an access of the type of information processed daily by employee along with his assisted credentials or details.
  • Always conduct the exit interview in order to depart the employees of an organization and on further recover materials and try to remind them about the obligations related to confidential ones.
  • You need to concentrate on selecting, monitoring, and always try to engage with your business partners to maintain healthy relations.

Conclusion: Therefore IP enforcement in china will be protected by all the companies those who are registered with a definite IP in order to stabilize their company basement and popularity with its long lasting mark in china.

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