Lack of efficiency and performance is the biggest challenge faced by a large number of entrepreneurial mothers. This article outlines challenges faced by entrepreneur moms and provides pertinent avenues to follow to circumvent this difficulty.

What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by working moms?

 As a mom entrepreneur, you have to face two challenges without always being aware of them:

 1-Successfully developing your business in a family environment: it is indeed the choice made by a majority of you.

2-Successfully switching from a salaried mode of operation to an entrepreneur mode of operation. This change is far from trivial but is essential if you want to succeed as a mom entrepreneur.

To meet both of these challenges, here are relevant tracks that can help you become more effective as a mom entrepreneur:

Entrepreneurial mothers

1- Create your business bubble, as often as possible
It is imperative for your own effectiveness to create what is called your “business bubble” at your home. This “business bubble” must allow you when you are within to fully and 100% devote yourself to the various tasks of your business, eliminating any distracting external harmful to your efficiency. As you know, there are plenty of distractions when working in your home: children, domestic chores, family / family phone calls, the Internet etc. So you have to identify the distractions that have a negative impact on your own effectiveness as an entrepreneur and to look for the opportunities for change that you can operate in your organization, to get away from it. Only then can you be effective.

2-Managing your business with the cap of an entrepreneur

By setting yourself to your own account, You have chosen to change your status, that is to say, to change from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, it is up to you now to think in terms of vision for your company, goals to achieve in the long term and actions to be put in place and to develop to achieve the results that you expect. Finally, do not forget to regularly analyze your results to adapt your strategies.

3-Adopt modes of operation that support your effectiveness

Take the time and step back to ask yourself about your modes of operation, your own strengths and limitations, and discover the strategies you use naturally and often unconsciously in all your successes, small or large. Indeed, the more you are aware of your modes of operation and the more you can act in order to be as efficient as possible. You can then replicate the attitudes and behaviors that support your effectiveness and modify those that are counterproductive.

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