Portable toilets have long been the most popular toilets for camping and picnics. They are relatively inexpensive, hygienic and with modern designs become a great deal easier and more practical to use. We are having various types of portable restroom and toilets, which differ at their functioning technics.

portable toilet rent

Here we can see different models of portable toilets using their unique functions along with their features. Functions: Pressurize water, Piston-type flush system, Waterless, Hidden battery-powered flush controls, 3 gallon fresh water tank for the flush and Features : Sleek style, high-strength plastic portable toilet, A leak- and odour-proof seal, Removable poly waste bags , internal flex bag cavity, Sleek, modern and homelike design, Fashionable design and high quality stands for years of use.

Full sized portable toilets

Some portable toilets are having a full adult sized toilet with and elongated seat. The body of the toilet made from highly durable ABS, which resists scratches. The clean water flush mechanism is primed with a hand pump, to flush all that needed is the press of a button to add the water, and a handle empties the waste into the storage tank.

This is literally a complete portable restroom and toilet system. Not only does it include a portable toilet but it also includes a privacy shelter. The whole toilet including the shelter neatly packs up into the supplied backpack for easy storage and transportation. This toilet works a little differently to the previous two toilets reviewed in that the waste goes into a biodegradable sack. Added to the sack is some special powder that turns all the liquid waste into solids.

 The bag system portable toilet is a little different from many other toilets. The Clean waste toilet actually folds up when not in use to something the size of a briefcase. When needed it just unfolds from the container – no assembly is required.

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