How many times has it happened while you were decoding your career that someone suggested you become a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, a banker or any other professional that makes bucket loads of money, but requires an aspiring person to put in hours and hours of work and study. Hardly has it ever happened that the job of a plumber, an electrician or a carpenter has been suggested as a profession, to anyone. This is because these jobs are often considered to be beneath people and the people who take up these professions are considered to be either unlucky or without brain. However if you have ever tried to find a commercial electrician in Spokane, WA you would know exactly how difficult it is to get a hold of one.

Why skilled jobs are looked down upon?

When we talk about professions like that of a doctor or an engineer or a lawyer, we all know that these jobs require a tremendous amount of study and years and years of practice for someone to establish themself in the field. However, the job of an electrician or a plumber or a carpenter requires a person to have more practical skill than theoretical knowledge. Since people engaging in these professions do not need to bury themselves under mountain of work, they are not considered to he hardworking enough. However that is completely untrue.

A commercial electrician in Spokan, Wa has a much more hectic schedule than a lawyer in the same field. This is because their job does not consist of fixed hours and they do not have a specific office. The same is true for electricians and skilled professionals all around the world. In fact people who work in such fields can attest that not only do they have an equally tedious job as someone in what’s considered a “reputed” field, but also that they make a significantly higher amount of money than these professionals, who work on a salary basis. Most skilled professionals work on a commission basis and if they are associated with any firm, they also receive a salary.

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