Outsourcing does not only bring expendable advantages in terms of resources, timing and financial resources; the real added value is the relational-ecosystem side. The Rete Mediterranea team, as a network of companies, can ensure this: partnerships between companies are the best performing strategies, as they combine multiple vertical skills to expand the portfolio of corporate services handyman near me in Richmond.

On this point, we invite you to think twice, if you are still hesitant about outsourcing because it seems to you just a way to get off the helm.

We return, in fact, to the initial discussion about the change of direction of the business economy in recent years: an intertwining of know-how and transversal skills; shared resources and new technologies that will contribute to making modern businesses smarter and more versatile. As? Setting goals and strategies between companies and outsourcers. Stay connected with the news of the network, follow our social profiles.

Quartz paint: features and benefits

Quartz paint has characteristics that make it usable both indoors and outdoors. It is highly resistant, washable and breathable.

When to use quartz paint: characteristics and methods of application

Quartz paint is composed of quartz microgranules, synthetic resins and water. It is easy to apply and can be safely used to whitewash external or internal walls; it is in fact very resistant, as well as breathable and water repellent.

It is able to ensure homogeneous whitening even on walls that have some imperfections or on walls generally attacked by harmful agents. It therefore becomes the ideal paint for those humid environments or for external walls that require a paint resistant to atmospheric agents and the most extreme temperatures.

As we have already anticipated, this paint is very easy to apply and can also be used on previously whitewashed walls. It has excellent coverage and can be used on various types of surfaces, such as concrete, wood and plaster.

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