Nowadays people are interested in investing for future aid which may be in the form of land, gold, money deposits. Some are interested to invest in share business which is a risky one. Bitcoin is a new investment as there is no involvement of bank or no transaction fees collected. Bitcoin is a digital currency or cryptocurrency uses decentralized payment system. The system was designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. The online bitcoin came into use for the public in 2009. After that, a number of updates and improvements made to bitcoin by a team of developers. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, no one controls it and it is open anyone can operate. There is no limit for the investment, the investor can invest as low as 100$. There are some advisors available in the investment websites who teaches cryptocurrency investments like icoinpro.


How does bitcoin works

The technology behind the bitcoin is blockchain. Blockchain is a ledger that keeps the records of the digital transactions and is the most accurate and secure. Unlike bank or government the blockchain organizes the data in the form of batches called ‘blocks’. These data blocks then validated cryptographically and are linked together to form blockchain. These blockchains prevent the duplication of the data and also controls the information.

How to invest in bitcoins

Bitcoin can be considered as a gambling game and like gambling here also there are ups and downs. There are three options for the investors. First is, the investors can mine on his own bitcoin. Second is he can buy from an exchange and third is to buy shares in a fund that has invested in bitcoin. The investors can buy bitcoins from a bitcoin exchange, through online broker, from an ATM or directly from other individual. Bitcoins also can also be purchased online. One can search for the nearest bitcoin ATM centers online. Bitcoin ATMs usually takes the money from the bank card, some asks for banknotes. It sends the money in the form of digital currency like bitcoins to the wallet. There are different wallets for different purposes and can be used as from the android app, wallets on papers or PCs. The wallet is equivalent to the spent money and the savings. Once the wallet is setup for the investor he can do the transactions all over the world.

Though there are different bitcoin investimetsn like coinbase, bitstamps and buying local bitcoins, the investors has to choose the right one for him with the help of icoinpro.

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