The business industry today has a lot of big names. These names that were very known carry their brand across the globe. Most of them remain sailing on top, but some failed to continue fighting on the battlefield of the business industry. It just shows that there are many stories of success and failure inside of it. But as long as an entrepreneur is continuing to fight for his or her stand in the industry, the fight continues, and possibilities will never come to an end.

Technology Take Over

            Today’s generation of young entrepreneurs has become more engaged with anything about business. The kind of high engagement of people today is because of the technology. It became easier for people to share ideas and experiences about their journey in their businesses through it. That’s why it is not a surprise that many young people are entering any enterprise today. Besides, many new names in the business were formed through technology take over.

            One story of an entrepreneur who used the technology that society has today is Ted Farnsworth. His name is known in the business industry, as he was a successful CEO of Helios and Matheson. It is a successful analytics company, which is more known for its IT solutions. He used the capabilities and power of advanced and modern technology to develop a solution to people’s common activity in society. A perfect example is the interest of people in watching movies.

            When he sees the high demand and engagement of people into watching movies in cinemas, he comes up with a digital solution in movie ticketing. Initially, interested movie watchers will need to go into cinemas just to get a movie ticket. But when technology invaded almost everything, Mr. Farnsworth came up with an innovative way of buying a movie ticket. His approach is much easier, faster, and more convenient for all people. That’s why it easily hit their market.

            His project and development created a buzz and became an in-demand way for many moviegoers. But when the marketing and offers of their solution, which is known as MoviePass, were changed, their target market’s movement changed too. The changes worsen and lead to bankruptcy. But their story just proves how technology can make a company more known and effective to the people and the whole society. That’s why there is no doubt that many new generations of businessmen are engaging in technology when it comes to putting up their business. But not all good starts would guarantee continuous success.

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