Looks are just bonus, how you feel it is the real deal!

When you visit an American home, carpet will always be their muse. The virtues of carpet are inviting and feels solely soothing that promotes a comfort and relaxing atmosphere.There are varieties of carpet to choose from that we might not know. If you are in search for a professional carpet installation for your Dallas home, getting to know the options before spearheading what type of carpet to choose, is a must!

Easy to clean

As we all know, carpets can be hard to clean up especially when it get stained. But loop carpets should be your go-to if you are a busy person having not much time to clean up! Loop carpets often resist in staining and easy to clean up thus making it durable.

Level loop carpet or Berber is the most common and easiest one to clean due to its uniform texture and yarn speckles that hide dirt well.

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Low traffic area

If you are in a low traffic area, cut & loop are great for you! Since the design looked worn from its loosen loops creating a wider range of textures.

Plush carpets or the velvet-pile is best reserved for lower traffic areas due to its densest concentration of yarn making it prone to water damage.

The classics

The classic looks are just bonus, how you feel it is the real deal! Given the fact that it gives you warm touch sense, Saxony aka the smooth carpet and cut loop styles are every American’s popular choice. Who wouldn’t want to sink their stress toes into cushy-mushy surface after a long tiring day?

Textured carpet is special in a way that it underwent through a special treatment process, leaving tracks with no evidence of footprints.On the other hand, Frieze, also known as “twist,” this style has a distinctive texture that disguises footprints, vacuum marks and crumbs well, but they can be tougher to clean.

Modern and Prints

If you are living in a modern space, multi-level loop is what best suits your home! Its style are visually inviting from a geometric pattern style with a combination of tall and short loops.

Carved Saxonies or cut multi-level creates patterns and textures from distinct fiber heights.

Modern shag is sleek and full of depth, movement and dimension with extra-long, low-density fibers that has an almost furry, tufted appearance.

The options are already been laid down, now it is your time to carpet installed dallas.

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