Chad Richison started out in the payroll profession. He accepted an offer from ADP and stayed for two and a half years. During this period, Chad saw several inefficiencies and difficulties in the payroll management system process. Companies that used this software frequently complained about how much time they lost owing to the manual inputs required by the HR department. Chad Richison later relocated to Denver and began working for a regional payroll service provider. He saw that even his new clients were experiencing issues identical to those that ADP users had complained about. Chad saw that there were just a few firms that were focused on tackling the problem.

Some highlights about Chad Richison’s Paycom

Chad Richison created Paycom in 1998 and has since been committed to making life simpler for companies and the American worker. Paycom has become the industry’s top technology supplier because of a history of innovation and expansion. We are devoted to providing employees across the country with on-demand access to their own HR data, all in one program. This frees up HR experts to focus on forward-thinking company ideas. Other suppliers may buy or collaborate with third-party software to create a patched-together solution whose components may not always speak the same language, resulting in redundant work, erroneous data, and inconsistent reporting.

To guarantee a consistent user experience, the tools are housed in a single piece of software developed by Paycom. Enter data once and see it flow across the system. Employees already have direct interaction with databases via applications that make their personal life easier, including ordering food or purchasing tickets. They expect to utilize the same technology at work because they want easy access to enter, update, and manage their own HR data.

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