GDAX trading is the process of exchanging the crypto currency between the peoples who are selling or buying different kinds of coins. This type of trading gives several benefits to customers. It is the best option for those who want to migrate from the coin base. It has an additional feature compared to the coin base. Those individuals who are trading with the crypto currency from the last few years are more than likely to be customers of the coin base. The coin base is completely based on bit coin since 2012, after that, it introduced ETH, BTC, and LTC. If somebody wants to trade any other currencies they have an option of GDAX.  Presently you can trade four currencies in it: Etherium, Bit coin, bit coin cash and lite coin.

Why GDAX – Here’s a comprehensive overview

A gdax has the ability to fulfill a trader’s dream by allowing marginal trading. Few other crypto currencies that also exist do not allow marginal trading. It means for getting maximum profit you don’t need to pull the size of trade downward and the second face is that you will know about the maximum losses also. It has also a very little fee structure that is imposing on every deal between the seller and buyer.

The fee is submitting by only the seller and the buyer will not have to pay any fee. This system is very secure for transactions. Till now there is no complaint that has come up about hacking of any account. It offers you different kinds of depositing options. You can choose according to your convenience. It is undergoing financial audits and IT security regularly to avoid any financial controversy. They store major funds offline so that if the accounts get hacked only some amount loses in much currency.

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