Hamed Wardak is here to make a statement to everyone who cares to listen. He is an entertainer with a difference and an outstanding musician. He has got what it takes to positively affect the world around him and he is doing a good job of it.   He is called Valen of Wicked because he is the major moving force behind that identity and his popularity is going global. He is a special entertainer but the world has not seen enough of him; he still has quite a lot to offer. He is a bridge builder and specially inspires the world around him.

Hamed Wardak is a highly educated individual and notable scholar. He was named among the 32 college students awarded the Rhodes Scholars award in 1997. He graduated from the Georgetown University in Washington D.C.  He was even named valedictorian of his graduating class.  He graduated with a BA in Government and Political Theory. He has a very wonderful business beginning and this has helped him to make a huge impact in the entertainment world today.  His solid educational background and experience contributes a great deal to his current impressive performance in the entertainment world.  His college performance also opened lots of doors of opportunities for him, making him a voice to reckon with in the entertainment world and beyond.

Budding Entertainer

After his beautiful education history in the United States, Hamed Wardak went back to his home country, Afghanistan and was involved in helping those who were in deer need of help during the Afghan Civil War.  He later returned to the United States after the war was over and was involved so many great works that further pushed his identity to the limelight, making him a force to reckon with especially among young people of different backgrounds. There is no doubt that this enigma has a lot to offer the world of entertainment.

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