Zinc Bar is the best place for fun and entertainment. If you reside in Hong Kong and you need a place where you can catch fun after each day’s work, then you can come over here and you will never be disappointed.  The cocktails are impeccable and the hospitality is top-notch. In fact, you will feel at home at this outlet. You can even dance some when you are here and continue to have fun until the wee hours of the morning.  Zinc Bar is a seafront bar Hong Kong and you can watch the gentle waves of the sea as you drink cocktails while relaxing in your seat.  You will enjoy every second you spend here.

The bar is located on the buildings, ground floor and you can decide to stay indoor or outdoor. Both the indoor and outdoor environments will make you feel at home and you can relax for as long as you want.  The vibe is very good and will take you to an entirely new level. The bar has a lot to offer and this is the best place to visit when looking for a happy hour bar Hong Kong.

The outlet has great mixologists that can mix the right drink for you. They also have professional chefs capable of exciting your taste buds.  The resident DJ knows his onions and can keep you dancing all night long until the wee hours o the morning.  You will undoubtedly feel relaxed and fulfilled by the time you leave.

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