Online streaming sites are these websites where you get to see some movies, shows and so on the internet. While some of these sites offer download options, some doesn’t. But you can’t really expect that especially if where you are watching these shows on a free platform. It is what it is, but if you’re watching with no strings attached, who’s complaining?

Free streaming sites had always been online since the beginning, ever since apps were not popular and the internet was still 3G, it’s already there. Although there are some bad quality movies and obviously was recorded in a movie house, nonetheless there are movies that have a very clear copy and in HD too. These sites always come with some bad and some good. Bad because there are movies of low quality and pirated, and most doesn’t have a mobile app. But despite that, it still has some solid lineups. So why you should check these free sites?

free online streaming sites

It’s free for life: The best thing about these websites is that it’s free for life. No monthly or yearly fees, no need to give out your personal information and especially your financial info. If you’re wondering how these guys are earning, that is thru the pop-up ads that you always close so that your movie will load. The only price you have to pay is your data, which is still considered free.

Got the newer updates: Now for most online paid streaming sites and apps it would take some time for you to see the updated movies like Thor Ragnarok or Black Panther, but with these free online streaming sites they have these titles already. Some might have low quality but some are already in high quality. If you think you need to save some cash for a much better movie, this is a good option.

It’s mobile: Most free online streaming sites don’t have mobile apps, but it doesn’t mean that their sites cannot be accessed by your mobile device or tablet. These websites are optimized in order for your mobile devices and tablets to be able to view and stream from it. If you got bummed because you weren’t able to see Black Panther, with these sites you can and with more control.

If you want to watch movies online free, there is a websites called Movies123, this site offers a ton of movie selections that you can’t find anywhere else. From TV shows, movies and so on, it’s all here. Why pay for paid apps and website memberships that would cost you hundreds of dollars each year that doesn’t even have the latest movie offerings? Free yourself from that and spend your money on the more important things. Buy your wife flowers, take your family to the park, buy a camera or a phone, or a smartwatch even. Make more sense out of your money, because practically you don’t need to pay a website or an app just to watch some movies and shows. Switch now to Movies123.

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