Many people want to buy lottery to become rich quickly. And there is a belief that winning jackpots in thelotteryis merely based on one’s luck only. But there are some people who play the lottery as a number game, based on some mathematical calculations and thus have alarge scope of winning.

What actually is Lotto Dominator?

Lotto dominator is a lottery winning formula eBook, in PDFform, written to help users in predicting and winning thelottery. Winning lottery maybe “luck” for many but according to the writer of this eBook, it is based on complex mathematical formulas. The author of the eBook won 7 grand jackpots. One can download this eBook by paying its cost.

How was itcreated?

The author had the zeal to win thelottery when he was young. Initially, he thought that it was all based on luck or fluke. But after observing many winners he came to theconclusion that lottery is a number game and one can crack it if he follows proper formulae.

He researched on the number patterns of lottery winners and analyzed them. Finally,he came up with a formula for winning thelottery that really worked for him many times.

lotto dominator

How does it work?

Here is the step by step explanation of the procedure in predicting the lottery,according to author of the eBook

  1. Write down, at least seven, previous winning numbers of the lottery you are about to play.
  2. Once you are done with writing, plug them into the formula in the eBook. All you have to do is to do mathematical manipulations by doing somearithmetic operations on theprevious winning number. And now, you are ready with our number.
  3. Go ahead and buy the lottery having the number you got as output from the formula.
  4. And you will start winning your lottery and continue as long as you want.

It is advised in that eBook not to spend more than $20 to $ 25 for thelottery. He also suggested userstohave realistic expectations from thelottery. It is also suggested not to play daily and to buy tickets from different outlets.


The lotto dominator is just a small eBook that can be downloaded after paying its cost. It is sold online in PDF form. Its price is $147 USD, most costly eBook ever had.  Any physical product is not provided along with it.


There are many people who want to win jackpots in thelottery by spending fewer amounts. This book is the right choice for those who want consistent winning in thelottery.The user has to pay for the eBook and download it. Once they downloaded the eBook the author will explain how to use the product with formulae to win huge amounts in thelottery.

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