Fashion is just not prescribed for women, these days men have become are more conscious about their style. You can find men spending their quality time in picking the trendy outfits for their women. In fact men have a style element that makes them unique and looks like a cool guy.

If you want to be a fashionista and leave the best impression on people then you should dress up with that clothes that don’t make you look flashy. Make sure you are the next version of well-dressed using casual style and describe your behavior through your style.

1.     Get a mature look

Give up your graphic tees when you have better options to follow and be a youth icon. Sometimes, a graphic tee doesn’t make you edgy, funny, and original. When you wear the graphic tee, you find a similar guy with the sporting the same graphic tee ultimately, you’ll be one among all in the crowd.

You might have noticed that in movies a graphic tee is never worn by masculine, tough action guy or a heartthrob; instead a slacker or man-child character wearing the graphic tees. Opt for solid, striped tees, one-color tees, and Henleys to get a cooler and masculine look that makes you stand out of the crowd in the graphic tee wearing ocean.

2.     Rock the look with jeans

The important thing to avoid jeans that make you look like a clown so, make sure you pick the right pair of jeans to get a casual look. Avoid a baggy jean that makes to pull up the jeans in every five seconds. Choose a pair of jeans that helps to keep jeans themselves on your legs without a help of a belt and they don’t pool around the ankles.

Pick clean, straight jeans that are perfect and designed for your body, which helps to look you awesome and a style king. They fit you better and give a versatile look, and don’t end up wearing overly embellished jeans.

Styling Tips for Man

3.     Add life to your wardrobe

Like everyone knows that jeans are a great legwear, but don’t think it’s the only option because it looks the same kind. Try to add some variety of fabrications and patterns to your wardrobe that can be a pair of chinos. You can increase your wardrobe with a number of outfits when you have a pair of chinos.

Expert stylish recommend that wearing a pair of chinos in subdued colors like army green or gray below the waist makes a man to stand out of crowd and adds elegance to your style.

4.     Choose the footwear wisely

You know that a woman observes a man completely from top to bottom, including the footwear. Never make styling mistake like wearing beat-up, dirty sneakers because it can ruin the excellent outfit and your persona too. Make sure you replace them with dignified footwear.

If you want to make a woman feel that you’re a complete man then match the footwear that adds extra later to your style. Try wearing a brown leather loafer with the formal attire and also to the casual look, they look super cool and excellent choice when preferred for comfortable.

5.     Elevate your casual look with a jacket

A man in a jacket or blazer accentuates the male frame just like an ornament. A blazer look makes a man look smarter because it goes with all outfits and it’s said to be the favorite for business and casual men. Wear a plain white tee with jeans and add a blazer for a pretty damn sharp look.

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