Air pollution can be classified into different categories. However, no matter the type or classification, pollution is definitely harmful to the health of all living species on our planet, and not just humans. Nonetheless, humans are one of the primary reasons why we’re reaping the negative effects of our actions, and one of them is the rise in lung cancer activity.

Particle pollution is a subset of air pollution, and it’s a mix of both solid and liquid substances found in the atmosphere. These microscopic specks are comprised of different biological and chemical components. When we constantly breathe these tiny fragments, these can put our health at dire risk.

Causes of air pollution

The Connection Between Air Pollution and Lung Cancer

Several reports indicate that there is a deep connection between particle air pollution and lung cancer. Albeit experts aren’t exactly sure as to what happens inside the body when our system inhales these biological and chemical fragments, but there’s a general agreement that there appears to be a change in DNA structure, especially when there’s a continuous inhalation of large quantities of these microscopic elements. These changes can bring the person at risk of lung cancer, as well as other health complications.

Other Health Issues Connected With Air Pollution

Aside from lung cancer, the continuous breathing of dirty air can also lead to other health issues. Reports suggest that air pollution can lead to higher risk of stroke, heart disease, mental health problems, and other complications associated with the respiratory system. These ailments can either be chronic, short-term or long-term, depending on the severity of the condition. Also, people who are already patients of lung cancer will have a higher risk of obtaining adverse health effects when there’s further exposure to particle air pollution.

Ways to Protect Ourselves From Air Pollution

Albeit air pollution is already a dire problem exhibited in our planet, individuals and groups can take some steps to lower their exposure to dirty air. Even though the subject requires a complex and thorough understanding, it doesn’t mean that there are no simple methods that can help counter the situation. For example, not bringing your car when you’re just going for a short travel is ideal to reduce smoke and smog found in the atmosphere (plus, it’ll give you additional exercise if you just walk).

Humans are supposed to be the smartest creatures on our planet, and yet we’re the ones who keep on doing methods that help destroy the only Earth we live in. The time for change is now; even though it might take baby steps to reach the ultimate goal of cleaning our atmosphere and our environment, these changes are still necessary.

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