Problem in getting to sleep, oftenly arising in the mid night, or getting up too ahead and not able to going into sleep are indications of insomnia.  Without treatment, insomnia not only makes the body tired or sleepy during the day but also increases the risk of hypertension and heart disease.  Well, one way to treat insomnia is to undergo therapy.

 Preparation before undergoing therapy for insomnia

 So that the condition does not get worse and cause complications, you can relieve insomnia symptoms by using few pills but unfortunately, the use of drugs can cause side effects so doctors do not make this treatment the first choice.

 Doctors prefer cognitive behaviour therapy at a counselling center in mississauga for insomnia. The main goal of cognitive behavioural therapy is to change the mindset or behaviour that causes various problems in a person’s life.

The cause of insomnia is an unhealthy lifestyle and messy sleep patterns that have been going on for a long time, making it difficult to change.  That is why CBT therapy will be carried out if the sleep disturbance does not improve. Before undergoing CBT therapy to treat insomnia one should:


Find the right therapist

You can find the right therapist by asking a doctor who treats your condition for a referral, a friend, a recommendation from the health insurance you use, or another trusted source.

Adjust maintenance costs with your finances

 While looking for a therapist, you also need to consider the cost of treatment.  Do not let, you choose insomnia therapy that costs more than your finances. This can lead to financial problems later, or it may prevent you from being able to complete treatment due to budget constraints.  It’s safer, you choose a therapist, hospital, or clinic that works with the insurance company you use.

Create a treatment plan

In addition to costs, you must create a treatment plan.  You will need to find out more about the type of therapy you will be undergoing, the goals of treatment, the duration of therapy and the number of therapy sessions.

 CBT therapy methods to treat insomnia

 CBT therapy for insomnia is a structured program that aims to help you develop good sleep habits by avoiding negative behaviours and thoughts that keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. It consists of several treatment methods to treat insomnia, including:

  1. Stimulus control therapy
  2. Sleep restriction therapy
  3. Relaxation therapy
  4. Sleep hygiene education

These are few effective treatment methods that are done by many therapists in different hospitals for the better life of patients.

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