Why one requires a second passport? Foremost thing one has to know is why and what is the passport required? A passport is a legal document certified by the person’s country depending on his identity and the citizenship. This even helps the individual to travel around the world secured and safely. A second passport or dual nationality means that the person is allowed to have citizenship in both countries which is the home country and the foreign country which he resides in. This passport helps you in travelling safe in some countries and helps in investing in foreign lands. It’s a known fact that it is not illegal to have two passports at a time. But some countries object this for the security of their nations. However many countries in the world are ready to offer the second passport if the individual fulfills the requirements according to the immigration laws. Still there are lots of people who have a question of how to get a second passport? It is easy and legal to get a dual citizenship.

dual citizenship

5 ways of getting your second passport faster:

There are countries which provide you citizenship faster and it’s considered as insurance. The easy ways of getting the passports:

  1. Getting married to foreigners: If you are marries to the other country persons, it becomes easier for the spouse to get instantly a citizenship. Many individuals follow this rule to settle faster.
  2. Ancestral Existence: You will be lucky to get a dual passport if your grandparents have a citizenship in the foreign country. This can be helpful in getting the passport easy.
  3. Residing the country for few years: Some countries like US, UK, Europen countries provides citizenship if you stay there for 4 to 5 years by working or doing business.
  4. Having special talents: If an individual possess special qualities like expertise in sports, arts etc can make them get the dual citizenship easily. There are many renowned people in this category.

Countries offering citizenship:

The countries where one can get dual citizenship easily are: Macedonia, in which it offers passport in one year. Countries like Russia, Paraguay offers the passport within 3 years of residence. Some top countries like US provide green card after residing of 5 years with all the legal process. Thus one can get to understand easily about how to get a second passport by grabbing knowledge.

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