Since the beginning of its discovery and how to harness it, electricity has been one of the most important commodities for man. It is probably one of the most lucrative as well since majority of people depend on it on a day to day basis. Getting in the business of supplying electricity is no easy task too, aside from needing tons of money; you need to fend off competitors for the supply as well.

If you’re from Norway then you might know that there are a lot of different companies and outlets that generate the supply of power needed to everybody, particularly hydroelectricity. In recent years however, lesser rainfalls made for higher power prices and more power shortages. If you want to learn more and know that you’re getting what you pay for, you might want to give Strømtest a look.


Norwegian power supply

Most of Norway gets its power from hydroelectric power plants (Norway is known to develop efficient and environment friendly hydroelectric power plants), they also have solar power plants as another source (wow Norway is really environment friendly with their power supply) they also have 3 regular power plants that burn natural gas but probably 2 of them are out of commission since hydropower is usually found cheaper.

Where can I find cheap power supply providers in Norway?

The link above provides you with a list of power suppliers and their current rates. Since finding cheaper solutions will be hard on your own, they have put up a list for the cheapest suppliers and deals they can find.

Since power flow rates are basically the same for all providers, the list they provide is more on the side of who is cheaper with regards to additional cost. Although there are a lot of providers, most of them get the power from the same company, in other words, different providers, same source. The only difference being price and customer service.

Think before you switch

Keep in mind the terms and agreements you have with your existing provider and compare them with the one that you want to switch to, it’s actually a no brainer. There are not enough reasons out there to stay with an expensive provider that has lousy customer service. You can switch to a cheaper provider in no time. It is quite easier to switch power providers than to look for a cheaper one.

How do I choose the right supplier?

With all the choices available, it can be hard for you to choose which supplier to switch to. First of all, you have to ask yourself why you need to change providers than the one that you already have now. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the right provider that fits you. There are a few things you should ask yourself first before determining which provider you want to switch to. Know the terms and conditions of your current provider and compare them to your prospects.

After you’ve reviewed the terms and conditions, compare your prospects with each other in terms of customer service. This will let you know which provider has better customer services. Once you’ve chosen a provider, do some research before jumping in. Read articles and reviews about it and its customer services.

Changing your power provider is just as easy as a flick of the switch. You just know how to look for a suitable provider that is significantly cheaper and will cater to your needs as well as great customer service.

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