Cambridge Restroom Trailer is simply one of a kind. The lavish design and spacious rooms with well built faux wood floors are a dazzling vision for visitors. Also there is so much of luxurious amenities to avail that one cannot stop themselves from being mesmerized. The whole room is air-conditioned and is diffused with heat strips all over thus not leaving any chance for the visitors to get dissatisfied. This provides a total unique and one in all experience for the visitors like never before. The idea of luxurious restrooms that can be rented was not popular earlier but now its success is renowned and grandiose! Not only that, the vanity area is spacious and detailed not just on the exterior but also from the interior. There are different numbers of stations in each trailer. The restroom walls are made of faux granite walls and are adorned with unique art pieces and works which provide aesthetic comfort to the visitors. The restroom panels are throughout filled with A/C and heat strips also there is a central music system so that the experience is worthwhile all through. Whenever you just visit the restroom you are lost in the lap of aesthetic pleasure and toiletry experience that is so worth remembering! So do not think twice before renting your portable restrooms for rent if you want a hassle-free wedding or engagement celebrations with zero complaints.

portable restrooms for rent

Portable Restrooms provide a complete ambience and soothing environment for your basic necessity that is not available every time. The ambience is antique and future combined. The royal magnificence of Victorian style paintings and the elegant décor with ample facilities make the whole restroom experience a memorable one. Apart from that it is centrally air-conditioned and has temperature control options. The faux wood floors acts as the central median dividing the women’s and men’s restroom trailer as you pass by. The entire restroom is completely odorless and pleasant fragranced all throughout the long stretch of the trailer. The men’s changing rooms and the women’s’ changing rooms are both large and well themed and the toilets are separated. Moreover, the restrooms have central fluorescent lighting that is light on the eye and there is vanity mirror with light fluctuating modulations. So that, at anytime of the day you can truly depend upon portable restrooms for rent if you have any event at hand and want the guests to truly appreciate your efforts. Speaking of the interiors, the exterior cannot be kept hindered. The Cambridge Restroom Trailer is streamlined with a white outer body equipped with floating staircases with aluminum hand railings that lead the way to the separate toilets for both men and women. The whole panel is covered with antique and gorgeous Victorian themed paintings which make one feel truly at home. The Luxury Restroom Trailer by Callahead was designed keeping in mind the old French grander. Thus having adequate space which at a time is so classy and at the other excellent for providing enough services to the visitors bringing more broad smiles into their faces and making any occasion so special!

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