Any type of financial aid is obviously a good thing. Nobody can deny that. With the cost of living becoming very expensive as years pass by, some people couldn’t keep up simply because their salaries are not enough. Some may rely on it while some see it as a great opportunity to afford what they could not afford before.

Most Malaysians that are BR1M recipients are still in favor of br1m 2018 because it is already a huge help considering that their incomes don’t change. They use it to pay their house rents, food, and everyday allowance. If you look at it in a practical way, the BR1M program is a great way for people to catch up with all their payments especially to those who work with minimum wages.

br1m 2018

Why are most Malaysians in favor with the BR1M Program?

As mentioned above, it helps them get by. Money is a big problem for people who work an 8-5 job but is only paid the minimum salary. Since the cost of living rises annually, their salaries couldn’t cover all of their daily expenses especially if they are a growing family with a lot of mouths to feed. This program helps those who are in danger of living in poverty.

How does this program help its recipients?

It is well-known that most of the recipients have a hard time in coping up with the inflation of the cost of living. It truly can be devastating especially to those who couldn’t even eat three times a day. A lot of them are thankful because they could at least use the money for their basic needs like food and allowances; while some people use it to pay the bills. In a way, the program created a huge impact to those who had a hard time budgeting their already low salaries.

Is BR1M worth it to be continued for the year 2018?

There was a study conducted via phone calls if this program is creating a positive outcome to those concerned. The respondents consisted of the program recipients and non-recipients. Their education background, ages, and genders vary. 71.1% of the respondents are in favor of this program and are hoping that it will be continued next year. As mentioned, it is a big help in reducing the financial burden that most people are facing which is probably why they are in favor of it.

Being able to get help financially is already life changing and can make your life easier by minimizing the problems of most families. This program proves it and will hopefully continue to give monetary aid to those who need it.

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