Canada is a great country to get settled and also offers the various opportunity to outsiders. It is continuously developing and if you are looking to get the permanent citizenship of the country you have to follow some steps and have to be eligible for that. Let’s talk about those steps.

permanent citizenship

You have to go to the official website to fill out the form in the Canadian Application process for you and your family and attached all the required documents then pay the fees for all the procedure.
After completing this, mail your application to the (CIO) Centralized Intake Office.
If your Application gets accepted then you have to give the test for the Canadian citizenship.

But if the children are under the age of 18 years or the person is above 54 years then they do not have to attempt the citizenship test.You might be asked for the fingerprints or the other court documents when you apply for the citizenship in Canada.

In order to apply you must 18 years old and along with you have to provide proof that you can write and speaks one of the Canadian language either French or English. IRCC will return back the application if you do not provide the proof of the language either French or English.

You can not become the citizen if you are recently in the prison or on parole and if you are under a deportation order you are not eligible to apply for the Canadian citizenship.

So these are the few point which you need to keep ensure before applying for the permanent citizenship of Canada because they are very strict in following guidelines and won’t accept your application if you fall short in any step of the procedure. Try to complete every document and eligibility criteria before applying. Good Luck!

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