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There are very many who receive two invoices, one from the local power company power company and the other from the power provider if you have chosen a cheaper power supplier. NVE has introduced a new scheme called through billing, which means that the electricity customers will now be able to switch the power supplier without having to receive 2 invoices as many today do. Through-invoicing works in the way that the grid sends an invoice for network leasing to the power supplier, which adds a net lease to your current invoice. Through-billing entered into force on September 1, 2016.

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Most power providers offer 3 ways you can pay: post pay, prepay and an account. We recommend going for post pay, then pay for only what you have used. It is also advisable to have an electronic invoice instead of an invoice sent in the mail, you will save both the money for sending the invoice and you can set up both the e-invoice and the Settlement Deposit in your online bank. With the only eFaktura, you get the invoice sent to the online bank and all you have to do is approve it every time. With an Agreement Giro, the bank will pay invoice for you without having to keep in mind due dates and get purring if you forget about it.

It is not only the choice of power supplier or cheap power that is decisive for the size of the bill

Although on this page we are very focused on getting cheap power and helping you find a good power supplier, there are several things that can help you cut your bills.

Many enactment measures become more profitable as the price of electricity rises

Relative to how high the electricity price is, it will be more profitable to do different enabling measures in your home or alternatively what would cost if the power was cheaper. For example, if the power was cheap enough, one could continue to have simple glass windows in the home, while the current price corresponds to cheaper triple or double windows instead of firing extra. But inexpensive power does not have to be a motivation for not doing enhancement either.

Essentially, it is also a matter of comfort. Even if you are to find a very good power supplier that gives you cheap power, replacing windows that pull or under insulate under the floor or the ceiling clearly shows how comfortable it is to stay in a home, How fast it can be heated when you get home and how easy it is to keep a stable comfortable warmth inside.

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