The temperature for deep fryers is necessary for getting correct results. When the food is in the cooker, the oil temperature is between 325°F and 400°F. The oil must be high at the smoking point. At a temperature above 400°F, the oil begins to smoke. Recover the oil temperature and do not overcrowd the food in the cooker. Put the items in small batches for frying as deep fryers aren’t all created equal.

Seal the natural moisture

Many food items fry deeply by dipping in a batter. It can even be a break to protect and seal the juices of the food item. The natural moisture of the food will create a barrier against the oil. It happens when immersing it because water and oil do not mix. If water drops in the oiled pan that is hot, the reaction can be explosive. The hotter the oil gets, the more violently repulse the moisture. While cooking the food, frying it won’t infuse in the food unless the oil is too hot, and frying the food with low-temperature results in greasy and weighty food.


Features of deep fryers

  • Use a thermostat for checking oil temperature.
  • The temperature control must be variable and capable of reaching 375°F.
  • Add food according to the oil ratios.
  • Mount the lid with an odor or grease filter.
  • Check the dimensions of the basket and positions of frying and drying.
  • Check out the storage components.
  • Use removal oil baskets so that cleaning it up is easy.
  • There must be adequate power, so check electrical wattage.

Drain the food well

The traditional way to drain the food cooked in hot oil is by using brown paper bags or paper towels to absorb the excess oil. The efficient method is using a cooling rack results in lighter food. Use of a rack allows the fried food for draining on top and bottom. It will help the food to be crispy, and it won’t sit in the drained oil. If the oil pools, blot the top with the help of a paper towel. Turn the oven on low before beginning to fry.

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