Move on to the basics of marijuana drug testing today, based on the sample treatment, for hair one need to pass the drug test of weed. It is also suggested that one must abstain from the consumption for around 90 days. This is not guaranteed but can good point for all. So the tresses, one probably require elapsed time before the hair sample don’t indicate the positive usage for weed use. As you are abstaining for around 60 days, it is possible some of the repetitive marijuana usage that get detected in test. Make use of the hair drug test for weed.

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Even if you consume for around 2 weeks or abstained for 2 weeks, repetitive consumption is within 90 day detection period. The individual variation of hair growth rate can be faster than average of half-inch per month. These differences can affect results. Learning how the hair drug test for weed works, one must understand that it takes around five days for marijuana to show up in hair and it can continue be detected through the test for long months. The presence of the marijuana and more drugs in the hair can also be understood by the basic principle.

Marijuana or other weed

The marijuana is a type of weed which is ingested in body and circulates through blood stream into the urine, blood, saliva and even into hair follicles through bloodstream. The drug metabolites get deposited into the hair follicle and entrapped in hair shaft as they grow from the hair follicle. The average rate of growth is approximately around 0.6 inches per month. The test of drug testing for the toxin metabolites trapped in shaft core. The drug can also be used based on length of hair sample from scalp line.

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