A little bit of fun during the weekend after a long week of stressful work didn’t hurt anybody, that is, until the boss decided to hold a surprise for everybody come Monday. What can be more surprising than an announcement for a scheduled drug test. Good thing that it’s scheduled so you still have some time to work on passing the test. Bad news is the test isn’t any ordinary drug test, it’s a hair follicle drug test, THE dreaded hair follicle drug test.

Surprising indeed isn’t it? This gives you a week to figure out how to pass the seemingly impossible since the hair follicle drug test is known to be an iron clad test wherein a lot of marijuana users have tried different remedies in the hopes of passing but have failed miserably, which is why the most important question right now would most likely be “how to beat a hair follicle test”.

Determination is the key

Nope, you won’t pass the test just by determination alone. What was meant was due to the determination of very resourceful working class marijuana users, they have somehow developed a solution to pass the very dreaded hair follicle drug test wherein it is considered by these pot smokers as THE drug test which has gained notoriety for being very difficult to pass.

how to beat a hair follicle test

How the dreaded test works

Unlike the regular drug testing wherein urine samples are usually used by labs to find traces of drugs such as THC, the hair follicle drug test doesn’t work this way. No, it has a more sinister way of doing things, which is why marijuana users despise this test. Unlike the urinalysis that looks for traces of THC, the hair follicle drug test doesn’t look for traces of THC, instead, it looks for traces of THC metabolites, more specifically THC-COOH.

They only need 1.5 inches of hair from the root to determine whether or not one has been using marijuana or not. Only 1.5 inches to discover within the span of 90 days or roughly 3 months whether or not an individual has been using marijuana or not.

Failing is out of the question

While you might try to search for home remedies online, these “remedies” might not work since there is no recorded data about other solutions to passing the hair follicle drug test, all except one. The “Macujo Method” is the only recorded remedy that has been reported to successfully work against the sinister drug test.

Although there are a lot of “remedies” that you can find online, none of these might work so why risk doing something that isn’t proven to work. The Macujo Method however, has been proven to work. 90% of the people who tried it can attest to its effectiveness while the 10% who failed might just have been too high.

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