Drug addiction

In simple words, drug addiction is all about getting compelled and used to consume drugs on a regular basis. Drug intake turns into a chronic disease whereby the drug seeking becomes compulsive and difficult to control even when the person knows that it is harmful to the health. The addiction is caused by changes occurring in the brain which leads to poor self-control and resistance against the urge to take drugs. The brain changes are difficult to correct and may cause relapse and that is why it is very difficult to prevent a drug addict to return back to the addiction even after recovery.

drug addiction

 Rehab and types of treatment given at a rehab

A rehab or a rehabilitation center is a place where drug addicts are treated and cured. There are different types of treatment offered at a rehab as per the intensity of the addiction and the counseling done with the patient. Treatment programs can further be customized as per the needs and situation. Treatment is classified as –

  • Inpatient Rehab – This treatment structure is designed to monitor and treat the patient effectively by focusing on all the facets of his addiction. Here the patient has to reside in the rehab center in a substance-free environment and is given medical and therapeutic care throughout the day. It is mostly recommended for people with chronic and intense addiction or with patients with co-occurring mental or behavioral disorder.
  • Outpatient Rehab – These are programs and therapies similar to inpatient rehab program but in this case, the patient is allowed to stay at his home during the treatment. They can continue with their normal life and work in combination with the treatment sessions. This is mostly preferred for people with mild addictions that are committed to recovery.
  • Drug and Alcohol Detox – This treatment focuses on safe withdrawal from drugs or alcohol till there are no traces of these substances in their blood or system. It is usually taken as a first step in the treatment of individuals in case of addictions.

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