Drug addiction is a serious problem as it changes the behaviour of a person and affects different aspects of life such as inters personal relationships, work life and family life. It is not the end of life if a person gets addicted to drugs.  If he or she has the will to come out of the addiction there are facilities available to counsel and offer therapies to save the person from addiction and help him to re enter the society and lead a happy and healthy life. These facilities or centres are called as drug rehabs.

There are different sorts of rehab facilities to cater to different addictions. Some facilities are also age and gender specific so that the patients feel comfortable and get along and support each other. There are also in patient facilities which admit the patients for a certain period of time or outpatient centres where the patients can attend counselling sessions.  The rehab centres also range from a centre with basic facilities to luxury resorts which offer state of the art facilities to the patients. A patient and his family can choose a rehab according to their budget and life style.

Before entering a drug rehab the patient has to first undergo a detox program to eliminate all the traces of drugs from the body. It usually takes one week to ten days to complete the detox program. After the patient is admitted to the rehab the doctors and nurses help the patient understand the negative effects of drugs and help them to create long term and short term goals to overcome addiction.  Once the patient makes goals and commits to achieve them, the counsellors in the facility provide private and group therapies to overcome the psychological triggers of addiction.

The counselling sessions also include family and friends of the patient as their support is very much needed by the patient to develop the skills to combat addiction and to keep him away from toxic relationships and habits. Once the patient is made aware of these triggers it becomes easy for him or her to stay away from drugs. This step also helps the patient to avoid a relapse of addiction. The doctors in the drug rehab  can also treat the patient with medicines to speed up the recovery.  The time of a rehab treatment may last from few days to a couple of months depending upon individual cases and the speed of recovery.

Drug addiction is not the end of life. With the love and support of family and help from doctors and counsellors the addiction can be overcome. There is light on the other side of the tunnel.

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