They say that falls are absolutely inevitable, and everyone has cataracts! Do we know if this is true? And is it true that if you live long enough, you will need cataract surgery? These are questions that most people should worry about because there is some truth to both statements. Let’s first look at the nature and causes of cataracts.

Cataracts occur when the lens of the eye loses clarity.

For good vision, we need light to enter the kraff eye and focus through this lens. Cataracts, for the most part, have an unknown cause. They are part of the aging process, but we do not know why the lens cells of the eye lose their ability to stay clean. There are certain cases where the cause of cataract is known. For example, cataracts occur in some families and are inherited by each generation. Patients with diabetes, whether insulin-dependent or not, may have cataracts. Patients who receive steroid drops, inhalers, pills or even nasal sprays are more likely to suffer from cataracts.

The Prevention of Cataract

Most patients begin to notice a gradual blurred vision, but symptoms may be less noticeable. It may be necessary to turn on the light in the house at the beginning of the day and use more powerful light bulbs. Colors may seem boring. Also a common complaint is that patients have glare when moving at night or in the sun. When these symptoms begin to interfere with the daily activities of the patient, an operation to remove cataracts may be considered. The decision to undergo cataract surgery should NOT be the result of a surgeon’s recommendation.


To prevent cataracts, some causes are inevitable. If you have suffered an injury or surgery, have diabetes, or have inherited cataracts, you cannot do anything. But it is well known that ultraviolet radiation and smoking cause the development of cataracts faster. So sunglasses, hats and quitting smoking will not let you get bored!

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