Your home is more than just a place and embedded deeply in your consciousness. In the earlier history home is not more than a pace of fire and light. In our mind or consciousness home is a way of organizing the space. Home is an important part of the world’s construction and psychologically there is a big difference in feeling at home and being at home. You can feel home like feeling when you stay at other places. Some people go on rediscovering home again and again and some people prefer to stay in their traditional home. Sharp boundaries between home and not home can be well understood by the children who have home sickness. People feel a deep attachment with the town where they have spent their childhood days. Some people find home as usual and do not find rejoice when they came back home.

You are so familiar with your home that you do not have to notice it. The idea of habitat is replaced by the idea of home in humans. Imagine a situation when you came back home after a long trip for some time when you reached at home you look at your home just as the other houses in the street and you could see your home just like a stranger but this illusion fades after sometime and your home become your home again. We can define home as a place that we can never see as a stranger.

It is your heart and mind which bind the objects into a single thing called home and in your absence everything is just a object. One of my friend told me when he returned home after the death of his father he not only felt the absence but also felt that there is something vanished from very object in the home so it is only you and your family which make a house home. A home is about feelings attached with the objects and without the feelings the objects are merely objects. Home is a part of human condition and human nature. The magnetic property of your home shaped your psychological habitat.


Today home is a well organized structure with objects. You can find different objects in the market that can help you in home organization. You spice rack in the bathroom is the great place for storing nail polish, face wash and other small tools. Bookcase is a useful object using which you can organize your books. You can use dishwasher which can be very helpful in your kitchen needs. You can use a lint roller as a handiest cleaning tool. You can save your space by using a sliding door which can hold almost your entire pantry.

You can use command hooks to hang the pots and pans and this will save your valuable space in the kitchen. You can start with hanging the big items on the top followed by smaller items. If you want to eat in kitchen then adjusting a table is a big problem so you can use the foldable one for this need and his is going to be very helpful for you and you can also add a breakfast bar to your kitchen which saves your space and solves the purpose. You can take help of an interior designer for home décor needs. Home is a place where wonderful things happen and for some people home is the place where they want to take their last breath. Home is a place where people cultivate happy environment. Home is a place where you have mental as well as physical comfort. With your efforts a place can become your home. You should try to make your home a beautiful, full of feelings and comfortable place as possible. Your home is the place where good things as well as bad things happen. It is the place where you have seen many ups and downs of your life. It is the place from which you recharge yourself again with positive energy. It is a place where you have struggled. Your home is the place which protects you from sun rays, rain and storm. It is the place where you feel yourself safe from outer conditions. It is the place which gives you the family a safe and happy environment.

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