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I love natural beauty, and I think it’s your best look, but I think makeup as an artist is so transformative.

Catering to different platforms

In today’s generation of technology, having a website just doesn’t seem to cut it anymore like it used to. People are looking for more and more ways to make things more accessible. Sure   mobile phones can access your website through the use or a web browser but running on a web browser can seem to be a bit slow. Of course that depends on the make and model of your smart phone.

With that in mind, why not consider turning to mobile application development and make your website more accessible to consumers, specifically your target consumers. Make them have access to your products and services with the press of a button.

enterprise software development

Mobile friendliness

Relying on just your website won’t really do you further good, especially when your website isn’t mobile friendly. Sites like these need to be zoomed in to click very tiny buttons, it really doesn’t help when you have fat fingers. Making an app for your website can and will solve this problem. Also, it makes it much lighter to run on the phone.

Different apps for different platforms

One of the problems you might encounter if you want to create an app is that different        platforms such as iOS, android and windows need to have separate apps developed for them since the require different coding for it to run on that specific platform, yes it can be a pain to your developers but it is what it is. You don’t want your app to be limited to just android users and leave iOS users feeling neglected now, do you?

Crossing platforms, bridging gaps

If you want to create a generic app that’s available for all devices regardless if it is iOS, android, windows or any other, you can do that by integrating cross platform development. This solution has typically lower initial costs compared to when you want to develop the app specifically to cater to a certain operating system and create another one for a different operating system. Your app may look a bit generic but hey, you get to offer it to a wide variety of users with different operating systems all at once, and it’s a lot cheaper too.

Benefits of the mobile app to your business

Other benefits that having a mobile app for your business is that you can inform the users of the app if you have new products or promos relatively easily. This you can be sure of that your loyal customers can see compared to let’s say you posting an update on the website. You also stand out from the competition since you have an app and they don’t. You can also reach out to younger generations since they are considered more tech savvy compared to the older ones. The best part is, app users can sync their accounts using their emails, social media accounts or the account they have previously registered in your website.

Creating a mobile application not only gives you access to a wider range of customers but also gives you the ability to get in touch with your customers on a more advanced and easier level. It also makes you look cool and gives you an advantage over competition that doesn’t have the app.

Tips to Make Leash Training Fun for You and Your Dog

Leash training can be fun. Although you might not see that way if you and your dog often end up in a tug of war. Sadly, this is often the case for some. Admittedly, the pulling can be overwhelming. As a result, you and your dog end up going home too soon. Both of you are equally stressed and frustrated instead of being able to enjoy the outdoors together. Worse, you’ll likely put off taking your dog out on a leash anytime soon.

Chances are you’re hoping the next time out would be better. However, unless you understand why your dog pulls the leash then think again. Unless you address the reasons why then your odds would be slim. To help you out, we look at one of the more common problems of leash training. At the same time, offer you sound advice on how to solve it.


Why Your Dog Pulls the Leash

It often turns into a battle for control once you and your dog start pulling at opposite ends of the leash. Dogs will do the same thing to go in a certain direction. This means something has caught their attention. Hence, their eagerness to get to it and take you along to sniff it.

What You Can do to Alter their Action

In this case, it’s best for you to stop and tell your dog to stop as well. Give a verbal sign to let your dog know not to pull. Afterward, change course to avoid the distraction. If your dog insists or is too strong then it’s fine to give in a little. However, only do so if the leash is relaxed. Once your dog gets close to what caught his or her attention to sniff it, then give a command to turn their attention back to you.

When your dog complies, give him or her a treat to reinforce the action. In doing so, your dog becomes mindful of your presence. At the same time, realizes how rewarding it is to do so.

Choosing the Right Leash

To manage your pulling problems, it’s best to know the differences among Yippr Dog Leashes. A front-clip harness gives you better control to handle your dog’s pulling problem. Its design across the chest discourages pulling. However, if your dog is strong and hard to control then consider a head halter. It’s a painless option so you and your dog can enjoy your walk together.

Beautiful beach umbrella increases the beauty of vacation

Spending the vacation in beach side is favorite pass time for the families and friends; especially it is more excited for the kids. The beach side trips are enjoyable only if provided with all facilities. Beach chairs and beach umbrella are the most important things to the beach trip. By sitting under the umbrella, the traveler can enjoy the cool breeze and can take sun baths in the beach chairs.

The traveler has to make necessary arrangements in planning a beach side vacation. As the beach sides are the hot where he has to face the direct sun, necessary protective clothing, and beach umbrella has to buy.  The umbrellas protect the skin from sunlight and are not sufficient for the long time exposure to the sun. The individual can experience the sunburns even under the umbrella for long time exposure. That is why sunscreen lotions also to be carried if he is planning for long periods for skin protection against UV rays.

beach umbrellas

There are many brands in umbrellas used in beach available in the market like easygo beach umbrella, 7ft beach umbrella, tommy bahama, beach umbrella rainbow color, sport-bella portable sun and weather shelter, beachBUb all in one beach umbrella system etc. Each type of umbrella has unique features. These are available in various sizes. Some are with combined chair and umbrella. Now the umbrella can also buy online. One can compare the features and cost and can choose the best umbrella with the price he can afford.

The umbrellas not only give the shade but also give the skin protection from sunlight. The important thing is it protects from UV light, the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is the determination for the UV ray which it can protect. The umbrellas with more than 50 UPF are suggested by the doctors. Al though this gives protection against UV rays, prolonged exposure to the sun may results in sunburns. So dermatologists suggest the travelers to use sunscreen when exposed in sun for long time.

Generally the umbrellas come in attractive colors and designs. Because of the designs it looks very stylish sitting under these umbrellas and the tourists can post the pictures under the umbrella in facebook or instagram which will definitely liked by many. Thus choosing the stylish umbrella increases the beauty of the beach side vacation.

There are many factors in choosing the right umbrella for the beach vacation. The factors include the size and shape, material with which it is made of, durability, weight and design. The umbrellas also should be sturdy, strong enough to withstand the strong winds and portable and easy to carry.

 The anchor is also as important as the umbrella. Mostly the umbrellas come in combination with the anchor, if not the user has to choose the best.

Thus the selection of the right umbrella is the important step in enjoying and making the beach side trip beautiful.


Tips to remember before you buy a beach umbrella

With so many varieties of beach umbrellas available, it is a bit difficult to choose one, especially because you want it to serve the purpose that you are buying it for. A beach is a place with Sun, sand, wind etc. and still it’s a place for fun! To enjoy your day at beach and as you get ready for the picnic with family or friends, you definitely want a best beach umbrella! So, here are some buying tips to help you choose a best beach umbrella.

best beach umbrella

Tips for buying a beach umbrella

There are many benefits that beach umbrellas provide. With a varied variety of beach umbrellas in different styles and sizes, you can definitely get one as per your requirement with the below buying tips:

  1. Sun protection: The first and the foremost purpose of a beach umbrella is to provide sun protection. Most of the beach umbrellas are thick and made from double layered fabric and are shielded with UV protection with SPF factor at least 30 and above. So, that’s the first thing you have to look for so that avoids the UV rays from penetrating and hence avoid any tan or sunburn.
  1. Convenience: Getting a beach umbrella with flexible stand that can tilt as per the convenience to avoid sun, is essential to avoid chasing the shades. Remember that even in that case you may have tan because of the UV rays coming from open sides and reflecting water. Hence, you can also prefer to invest in a beach umbrella tent that will be covered from 3 sides and which is actually a multi-purpose umbrella that can be used at sports events etc.

            Talking about the convenience, it is also important to have a easily movable beach umbrella with a carrying case that allows its easy transportation too.

  1. Sturdy: Beach is a place where the weather can be windy most of the times. Getting a sturdy umbrella that can withstand the strong weathers is also an important thing. Prefer for string fiberglass stands or steel stands. Along with that you can also choose to have a water resistant umbrella that can protect from rain also.
  1. Size: As per number of people in the family, you can easily get umbrellas that can fit your requirement.


Choosing the best beach umbrella is not a big confusion. With so many options available in the market, you sure can find one that fits your budget and requirement. Avoid buying an umbrella that is cheap and instead invest in a good quality one even if it is slightly expensive so that you are satisfied with its results.

Where to buy your pet supplies when you are on a budget ?

For your pet supplies, there are many places to go. The easiest will be to your  local pet stores and big chains. If you’re on a budget, you need to thoughtfully consider your needs and your budget  and for this you can go online to search out where is the best place to get your pet supplies.

Pet supplies

The pet stores carry the wide variety of pet and dog products that you can choose from. If yuou think that they are more into the expensive side, try enrolling in their rewards program for discounts. Try looking at what is no sale so you can match it up with what supplies do you need. Try also to ask for the dates of the big sales and visit them at those dates.

Yipper pet supplies

Hardware stores.

In almost all hardware stores, they feature a section where you can get the basic supplies for your pet, like pet food, materials for cleaning and grooming pets.

Thrift stores

Slightly used but still in good condition pet supplies are found in thrift shops. You can find treasure like pet clothes, beds, car seats These   stores have  a lot of staple materials which you can use to design and make your own outfit. In fact, they can also have materials  where you can build your pet furniture on. Just be clear with your budget as you will have to rebuild your materials.

Online stores

If there are clearance sales in the online stores, then you can have a chance of purchasing your pet supplies at a low price . You can select from from clearance clothing and grooming tools to discount toys and treats. You have to look at the price seriously since there is the shipping fee that you have to contend with


Some pharmacy stores have some small sections dedicated to your pet needs.

You can buy dog and cat food, leashes, collars that are at times lower than the pet stores because of membership club cards.

A pet supply store that cares

For the dog lovers Yipper pet supplies carry a variety of  reasonable priced pet supplies and products like collars, leashes , dog car seats and travel bowls. It is worth trying out their online store as they boast of a good customer care service. These are all guaranteed to be of quality as we aim  to keep your dogs  comfortable,  healthy and happy.

Strømtest- A knowhow

Welcome to Strømtest, the official, and unbiased electric choice website. This website is available to all electric providers to list their offers for free. Compare offers and choose the electric plan that’s right for you


There are very many who receive two invoices, one from the local power company power company and the other from the power provider if you have chosen a cheaper power supplier. NVE has introduced a new scheme called through billing, which means that the electricity customers will now be able to switch the power supplier without having to receive 2 invoices as many today do. Through-invoicing works in the way that the grid sends an invoice for network leasing to the power supplier, which adds a net lease to your current invoice. Through-billing entered into force on September 1, 2016.

Billig strøm

Most power providers offer 3 ways you can pay: post pay, prepay and an account. We recommend going for post pay, then pay for only what you have used. It is also advisable to have an electronic invoice instead of an invoice sent in the mail, you will save both the money for sending the invoice and you can set up both the e-invoice and the Settlement Deposit in your online bank. With the only eFaktura, you get the invoice sent to the online bank and all you have to do is approve it every time. With an Agreement Giro, the bank will pay invoice for you without having to keep in mind due dates and get purring if you forget about it.

It is not only the choice of power supplier or cheap power that is decisive for the size of the bill

Although on this page we are very focused on getting cheap power and helping you find a good power supplier, there are several things that can help you cut your bills.

Many enactment measures become more profitable as the price of electricity rises

Relative to how high the electricity price is, it will be more profitable to do different enabling measures in your home or alternatively what would cost if the power was cheaper. For example, if the power was cheap enough, one could continue to have simple glass windows in the home, while the current price corresponds to cheaper triple or double windows instead of firing extra. But inexpensive power does not have to be a motivation for not doing enhancement either.

Essentially, it is also a matter of comfort. Even if you are to find a very good power supplier that gives you cheap power, replacing windows that pull or under insulate under the floor or the ceiling clearly shows how comfortable it is to stay in a home, How fast it can be heated when you get home and how easy it is to keep a stable comfortable warmth inside.

Take The Pleasure Of The Online Live Radio Stations

Are you crazy about listening to music? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Here, you are going to know about how can you get the latest news regarding the music of any type, and even listen to it. You can use the online radio services. If you are willing to enjoy live music, live in the music and educate yourself with the current news about the music, then it is good to rely on the Internet radio that is available free of cost. The need here is that you must have an internet connection and a mobile device or laptop.

Get radio free of cost

Music is something that most of people cannot live without. No matter where you are, what you are doing, this internet enabled option can help you in listening to music without any hassle.  Of course, a lot of people are addicted to music, but it is not easy to carry radio everywhere. This is where you need an online radio that can be operated with the help of the internet. There are different radio stations online you can listen to.

Internet Radio

Get a right source of entertainment

Not only this, the online radio services offer the best form of the entertainment that you can enjoy during your pastime, traveling, or when you are getting bored. Free live radio can be accessed through Internet radio stations. What is more, you will get? The most interesting thing is that people can listen to channels from different parts of the world. You can choose from the list of various radio programs such as current news, songs, and many others. These channels are available in abundance via many sites online. It is great to know that these days; the online radio offers a great quality of the sound, rather than weak signals in the past times. These channels provide with the live radio stations that work without any disturbance.

Access now!

So, what are you waiting for? Just visit online and look for a reliable site that deals with the live radio stations without any registration. In the present age, you can stay away from boredom and fatigue as there are lots of sources that can help you in entertaining on your own. All you need to do is to have an internet connection and an internet enabled device and then look for a genuine live radio based site. Enjoy any kind of music now!

Norwegian power!

Since the beginning of its discovery and how to harness it, electricity has been one of the most important commodities for man. It is probably one of the most lucrative as well since majority of people depend on it on a day to day basis. Getting in the business of supplying electricity is no easy task too, aside from needing tons of money; you need to fend off competitors for the supply as well.

If you’re from Norway then you might know that there are a lot of different companies and outlets that generate the supply of power needed to everybody, particularly hydroelectricity. In recent years however, lesser rainfalls made for higher power prices and more power shortages. If you want to learn more and know that you’re getting what you pay for, you might want to give Strømtest a look.


Norwegian power supply

Most of Norway gets its power from hydroelectric power plants (Norway is known to develop efficient and environment friendly hydroelectric power plants), they also have solar power plants as another source (wow Norway is really environment friendly with their power supply) they also have 3 regular power plants that burn natural gas but probably 2 of them are out of commission since hydropower is usually found cheaper.

Where can I find cheap power supply providers in Norway?

The link above provides you with a list of power suppliers and their current rates. Since finding cheaper solutions will be hard on your own, they have put up a list for the cheapest suppliers and deals they can find.

Since power flow rates are basically the same for all providers, the list they provide is more on the side of who is cheaper with regards to additional cost. Although there are a lot of providers, most of them get the power from the same company, in other words, different providers, same source. The only difference being price and customer service.

Think before you switch

Keep in mind the terms and agreements you have with your existing provider and compare them with the one that you want to switch to, it’s actually a no brainer. There are not enough reasons out there to stay with an expensive provider that has lousy customer service. You can switch to a cheaper provider in no time. It is quite easier to switch power providers than to look for a cheaper one.

How do I choose the right supplier?

With all the choices available, it can be hard for you to choose which supplier to switch to. First of all, you have to ask yourself why you need to change providers than the one that you already have now. There are a lot of factors involved in choosing the right provider that fits you. There are a few things you should ask yourself first before determining which provider you want to switch to. Know the terms and conditions of your current provider and compare them to your prospects.

After you’ve reviewed the terms and conditions, compare your prospects with each other in terms of customer service. This will let you know which provider has better customer services. Once you’ve chosen a provider, do some research before jumping in. Read articles and reviews about it and its customer services.

Changing your power provider is just as easy as a flick of the switch. You just know how to look for a suitable provider that is significantly cheaper and will cater to your needs as well as great customer service.

Select the best radio player that make you enjoy

Listening to music is one of the most relaxing ways. It gives a sense of relief from the stress of daily chores. Radio is one of the oldest electric mass communication media still in use today. Earlier tangible radios were famous and today virtual radios are in use. Radios have become obsolete these days. We are in the era of technology where things are done using internet. Entertainment is also using technology. At times, it is the reason for all the stresses and for many health issues. Soaking use of it for relief and letting out stress can be optimum and best way to use the technology. Internet radio helps one in doing so.

Internet Radio

Internet radio is nothing but making the use of internet to access the music of the online radio station. Interne radio is a music streaming service with no restrictions.  All that can be done to hear the music is you need a gadget and accessibility to internet. Both are not very difficult as everyone is saturated with technology and gadgets. The following traits have to be looked for wile choosing the online radio player:-

  • Check the band width of the online player. It should be as less as possible so that the player can work even with the least internet speed. Buffering cannot be tolerable when one is in the mood of listening to music.
  • In case of mobile phone, download the application that has the compatibility with the operating system of the phone. Also choose based on the memory taken by the application.
  • Check whether there is an option to save the track online. Accessibility to internet can sometimes cut off. So do make sure to have this option too.
  • Skipping the song, forward and rewind are some of the mandatory traits for any players. Creating a playlist and listening by genre shall be there in the player or radio application.
  • One more crucial point is that song must not get interrupted upon the process of surfing other songs continues. It must go on playing till the play button of other song is clicked.
  • Also do update yourself with all the trending online radios that are being used currently. The competition lies on the lines of small metrics like working of the player without disturbance as most of the players have same features almost.

Do make a choice of correct internet radio by having a player that gives an ocean of songs of different style, genre, emotions, singer and some other characteristics.  Discover the new obscure music through these sites.

Solutions for a Healthy Biodiversity

One leading cause of loss of biodiversity is climate change which is triggered by men. Global warming is one of the worst things that happened to our planet because a lot of negative effects are appearing like the death of the Great Barrier Reef. Pollution on land, in air and water is also one cause. Water systems suffer aquatic nutrient load from fertilisers and agricultural by-products. Oceans are seeing rising acidity levels caused by man-made pollutant activity. Habitat destruction due to urbanization like mining, agriculture, settlement and many more are one leading example of the destruction of natural habitats. When will this ever end?

Biodiversity allows us to live healthy and happy lives.  It provides us with an array of foods and materials and it contributes to the economy.  Without a diversity of pollinators, plants, and soils, our supermarkets would have a lot less produce. If humans know the importance of biodiversity, then why are things that can cause the loss of it are still going on? But in every bad happening to the biodiversity, there are also biodiversity loss solutions, too.

Biodiversity loss solutions

Protecting endangered areas

Creating protected areas where human activity is limited is the best way to prevent deforestation and exploitation of organisms and the resources they need to survive. In order to truly make a difference, much planning needs to go into the creation of a protected area. It needs to consider all elements of the ecosystem it is trying to protect, so that it isn’t too small. It needs to include all resources that are utilized by its inhabitants; for example, leaving out a stream where half of the mammals go to drink would not make a protected area very effective.

Awareness to those who are powerful enough to make a change

Making the public, government policymakers and land managers aware of the global and local consequences of biodiversity changes, both social and environmental. It is important for them to spread awareness because they are role models and they can nudge people into doing what is right.

Knowing more about Biodiversity

Biodiversity also needs to be studied more in order to give humans the necessary knowledge needed to protect animal and plant species from going extinct. It is important that people have the proper knowledge in order to make the right decisions that can be good for the overall health of the environment and other species.

The Extinction of Species at an alarming and dangerous rate

In order to do halt this, following the above steps and many more has to be done and also, looking for many ways in order to slow the extinction down by taking care of forests and limiting the urbanization is one step but can go a long way especially if innocent lives are at stake.

With these knowledge in mind, people should be more vigilant and find their own solutions in order to help stop biodiversity loss because what they don’t know is that their lives and future kids’ lives are at stake. It is always better to be aware than turn a blind eye.

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