Leash training can be fun. Although you might not see that way if you and your dog often end up in a tug of war. Sadly, this is often the case for some. Admittedly, the pulling can be overwhelming. As a result, you and your dog end up going home too soon. Both of you are equally stressed and frustrated instead of being able to enjoy the outdoors together. Worse, you’ll likely put off taking your dog out on a leash anytime soon.

Chances are you’re hoping the next time out would be better. However, unless you understand why your dog pulls the leash then think again. Unless you address the reasons why then your odds would be slim. To help you out, we look at one of the more common problems of leash training. At the same time, offer you sound advice on how to solve it.


Why Your Dog Pulls the Leash

It often turns into a battle for control once you and your dog start pulling at opposite ends of the leash. Dogs will do the same thing to go in a certain direction. This means something has caught their attention. Hence, their eagerness to get to it and take you along to sniff it.

What You Can do to Alter their Action

In this case, it’s best for you to stop and tell your dog to stop as well. Give a verbal sign to let your dog know not to pull. Afterward, change course to avoid the distraction. If your dog insists or is too strong then it’s fine to give in a little. However, only do so if the leash is relaxed. Once your dog gets close to what caught his or her attention to sniff it, then give a command to turn their attention back to you.

When your dog complies, give him or her a treat to reinforce the action. In doing so, your dog becomes mindful of your presence. At the same time, realizes how rewarding it is to do so.

Choosing the Right Leash

To manage your pulling problems, it’s best to know the differences among Yippr Dog Leashes. A front-clip harness gives you better control to handle your dog’s pulling problem. Its design across the chest discourages pulling. However, if your dog is strong and hard to control then consider a head halter. It’s a painless option so you and your dog can enjoy your walk together.

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