Photography is a passion to many. A picture says everything is a myth but it definitely reveals a lot of things. Similarly taking a clear picture with an effective background is an art. Its essence is widely popular in all over the world. There is a specific day for celebrating national photography day on august 19th of every year. Due to a huge demand in the field of photography, many people are choosing photography as their career motive and also apart of hobby. Photographers demand is more in all the events such as baby shower, marriage ceremony, birthday’s, etc. similarly a photographer in dubai are also acquired fame and name in taking beautiful and memorable moments that are captured in the form of picture.

A photographer in dubai performs his duties and works on to all the events that are happened in Dubai. Some of the top photo shoots are taken in places like the heritage village, Dubai beach, desert etc.

Let’s concentrate on different types of photography genres availability;

Being a photographer, you have to be aware of some types of photography genres and it is mandatory too.

  • Architectural photography:

In this genre, visuals or blueprints of buildings are analyzed in the form of picture. Similarly  its size, shape and color etc and also by including both interior and exterior structure of the building view will be clearly shown in this kind of photography only.

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  • Candid photography:

It is most popularly used photography where the auspicious moments related to marriage, birthdays etc will be captured beautifully in different shades. There is no difficulty in this kind of photography, where moments are captured and taken accordingly with spontaneous expressions. You have to use zoom in long lengths for taking these pictures by using this photography.

  • Conceptual and fine art photography:

In simple, it depicts the picture with a story teller posture. This photography deals with picture resembles in the form of telling about stories like fictional stories, horror stories etc. it simply looks like an emotion (jokes, sad and all kind of expressions). In short, this type of photography tells you a message accordingly.

  • Portraiture:

In this category of photography, capturing of pictures is related to facial expressions like eyes and nose will be focused more. Moreover the mental abilities of a person will also be clearly depicted in the form of portraits. In short, natural expressions of a person will be simply visible in portraits posture.

  • Street photography:

The moment of capturing pictures in the public places and in very ordinary places comes under this kind of photography. Sometimes it is quite same as candid photography.

  • War photography:

In this kind of photography, you have to capture pictures in war torn areas. It is quite a typical task for war photographer those who has to challenge their life in this moment of conflicts. The entire war photography shoot will be telecasted after war ends up. It certainly means that many TV channels will show the entire war sequence in the form of documented picture.

  • Wildlife photography:

In the name only it specifies that, a photographer captures pictures of animals. It is quite difficult to capture like a real picture in different shades. In short it’s a challenging task. Depending upon the proper planning only, this kind of photography taking will be possible. Otherwise it might risk your life sometimes. You have to be flexible in your capturing mode by enabling definite cam settings for a proper picture.

Similarly aerial, documentation, fashion, landscape and food photography genres play a major role in the field of capturing desired pictures.


Hence photography is a passion, a hobby. Some people do master’s degree in it and some may completely indulge in taking pictures as their life objective. Shooting photographs have to be fun and in short pictures speaks more than a person’s opinion.

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