When the world thought that it was already fine by using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, little that many knew there’s another social media platform that’s luring the eyes and clicking fingers of individuals across the globe – Pinterest.

Pinterest’s target audience is quite unique; Facebook and Twitter targets businesses and common folk, Pinterest targets the creative mind. Try to create an account on this social networking portal and you’ll greet yourself with creative life hacks and ideas on how you can make the perfect cake. So where does realty fit into this formula?

Realty and Pinterest: Do They Mix Well?

Real estate is any land that’s immovable, fixed, or permanently attached to fixtures, improvements, roads, and other establishments. Also called as real property or realty, can it mix well with Pinterest? If so, how can this social networking platform be of any use for realtors and those who’re seeking to buy or rent properties? In a word – plenty; Pinterest is an excellent online portal to post property listings, not to mention a great platform to seek out excellent home décor designs.

As a Realtor, How Can I Benefit From Pinterest?

If you’re an agent trying to look for potential clients for the properties you’re trying to sell or rent out, then Pinterest is indeed a great online portal to post information about your listings and about yourself. Albeit the number of people logging into the website doesn’t compare much to the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, posting in Pinterest gives you a massive boost for your online presence. Furthermore, posting a link in this social networking portal will let users who see your post be redirected to the actual page, and not just another page within Pinterest.

How Can I Use Pinterest as a Realtor?

As an agent, you can use Pinterest for the selling or the renting of properties through different means. For example, you can create highly memorable graphics that’ll stick in the minds of users. Create infographics that’ll help lead individuals to your website. You can also create local boards or join group boards to let people with like minds cooperate with each other so you can even boost your online presence even further than before.

Despite Pinterest lagging behind the likes of Facebook and Twitter regarding the number of daily visitors, you’ll still have a better chance at gaining more exposure if you display your listings and your services in this social networking portal than others who mainly use offline marketing tactics.

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