Opal jewelry is one of the most eye-catching and exotic jewelry that you can wish for. The opals have the tendency to flash the colors of the rainbow, which makes them mesmerizing and difficult to take your eyes away from. This has made more and more people to buy opal rings as they never fail to surprise you, revealing new patterns and colors that are very catchy.

There are many different types of opal rings available in the market today and there is bound to be confusion while buying an opal ring for yourself. So, here are some of the best type of opal ring designs that you can choose from:

Gold opal rings

Gold opal rings are simple tiny rings that have an opal stone stud in it. These are perfect for wedding gifts and engagement rings as they are simple and unique. The ring is made from gold and then the opal stone is placed in the rings forming a basic design which is loved by everyone. Some people even gave the opal ring a great review in online websites for being such simple and elegant.

Moon opal rings

These are the variety of opal rings that are available for both men and women, which bring bright shine to the fingers if wore. The design of these rings consists of a tiny opal stone which is placed in the center of the ring and it also has a hammered crescent moon frame which adds to the beauty of this delicate and elegant ring. This ring is a perfect choice for daily use and can also be wore for special occasions as well.

Tree of life ring

This is another attractive ring that is very light and contains great quality. The ring is designed in such a way that the opal stone is placed in the middle and around it there are structures that represent the branches of a tree. This ring gives an attractive and astounding appearance to the wearer and can also be available with different stones, like turquoise, garnet, and amethyst, which make it an awesome accessory which could be used every day.

Twig and leaf ring

These are rings that are made from diamond and opal associated with it. These rings are of very high quality and are very eye-catchy because of their design. They come in sets and a set of twig and leaf opal rings are handmade and designed directly from the raw materials. After designing the rings they are again plated with black rhodium, which offer the premium and trendy look to the rings.

Black opal rings

There are many types of opal rings that are available in different colors, like white, black, blue, pink, and many others. However, out of these the most attractive opal ring is the black opal ring. These rings have greenish opal with gold and black flecks. These are the best opal rings to be worn by men.

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