Spending the vacation in beach side is favorite pass time for the families and friends; especially it is more excited for the kids. The beach side trips are enjoyable only if provided with all facilities. Beach chairs and beach umbrella are the most important things to the beach trip. By sitting under the umbrella, the traveler can enjoy the cool breeze and can take sun baths in the beach chairs.

The traveler has to make necessary arrangements in planning a beach side vacation. As the beach sides are the hot where he has to face the direct sun, necessary protective clothing, and beach umbrella has to buy.  The umbrellas protect the skin from sunlight and are not sufficient for the long time exposure to the sun. The individual can experience the sunburns even under the umbrella for long time exposure. That is why sunscreen lotions also to be carried if he is planning for long periods for skin protection against UV rays.

beach umbrellas

There are many brands in umbrellas used in beach available in the market like easygo beach umbrella, 7ft beach umbrella, tommy bahama, beach umbrella rainbow color, sport-bella portable sun and weather shelter, beachBUb all in one beach umbrella system etc. Each type of umbrella has unique features. These are available in various sizes. Some are with combined chair and umbrella. Now the umbrella can also buy online. One can compare the features and cost and can choose the best umbrella with the price he can afford.

The umbrellas not only give the shade but also give the skin protection from sunlight. The important thing is it protects from UV light, the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) is the determination for the UV ray which it can protect. The umbrellas with more than 50 UPF are suggested by the doctors. Al though this gives protection against UV rays, prolonged exposure to the sun may results in sunburns. So dermatologists suggest the travelers to use sunscreen when exposed in sun for long time.

Generally the umbrellas come in attractive colors and designs. Because of the designs it looks very stylish sitting under these umbrellas and the tourists can post the pictures under the umbrella in facebook or instagram which will definitely liked by many. Thus choosing the stylish umbrella increases the beauty of the beach side vacation.

There are many factors in choosing the right umbrella for the beach vacation. The factors include the size and shape, material with which it is made of, durability, weight and design. The umbrellas also should be sturdy, strong enough to withstand the strong winds and portable and easy to carry.

 The anchor is also as important as the umbrella. Mostly the umbrellas come in combination with the anchor, if not the user has to choose the best.

Thus the selection of the right umbrella is the important step in enjoying and making the beach side trip beautiful.


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