The Vanilla visa gift cards are prepaid cards that are available for purchase at retail stores. These cards can be used at multiple locations where visa gift cards are accepted such as at the retail stores and online stores. These cards come in a wide range of denominations. There is an activation fee to activate the card.  After the card is activated there are no additional fees charged on the cards.

How do visa gift cards work?

The Vanilla Prepaid Visa cards can be used to make purchases at stores where the card is accepted.  These cards are not reloadable or refundable. The cardholder cannot transfer the card balance into their account and neither can they used the card for purchasing other gift cards that are sold at the stores.

How to activate vanilla visa gift card?

The Vanilla Visa gift card can be activated by the cashier at any local or retail store during the time of shopping. If the card is not activated, it has no value. It is significant that the card holder sign at the back of the card and pen down the card number and customer service number for future references.

How to check the balance?

One can check the balance of their visa gift cards at online web support and also by calling the customer service. One should always check visa gift card balance before shopping because the merchants do not have the access to check the balance of the card. If there is not enough balance in the card, there are chances that the visa card could be declined at the time of purchase.

What happens if the card gets stolen or lost?

If the cardholder believes that their visa gift card has been lost or stolen, they should immediately contact the customer care service for card replacement. The help and support team will ask for the card number and other identification for security reasons.

If the details provided by the cardholder are incorrect then they cannot help provide a replacement card. If they find that there is no balance left in the lost or stolen card, they will transfer the remaining balance in some other prepaid card.

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