Diamonds are used in a variety of fields. For an example, diamonds are used for making diamond windows. Diamond windows are basically made from a thin sheet of diamond. It is used for covering the openings in lasers, X-rays machines, etc. It is transparent in nature and also conducts heat as well. Apart from this, diamonds can also be used in making heat sinks. Heat sinks are basically used for absorbing or transmitting excess of heat. And, diamond having the highest thermal conductivity among all the natural occurring substances is the best element for making heat sinks. However, how one can forget Diamond appraisals?

Diamonds are very popular when it comes to their usage in making gemstones or Diamond appraisals. Every woman loves diamonds. In fact, it has been said that diamonds are the best friend of any woman. The reason is very simple. Due to its lustrous property, it is used in gemstones. It looks attractive and expensive as well. Buying diamond studded jewelry will definitely make an impact on your budget. Diamond is a natural occurring substance. It is not manufactured or created in a laboratory or a factory. However, it is not present in abundance. That’s why it’s very much expensive. Some of the rarest facts about diamonds are –

  • Diamonds are also man-made. Such diamonds are known as synthetic diamonds. They are made in the laboratories. However, they are not as expensive as the real diamonds.
  • Diamonds are mostly found in brown or yellow colors.
  • It is the hardest substance found on the earth.
  • It has great thermal conductivity. In fact, it has the highest thermal conductivity among all the natural occurring elements.

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon. It is not highly stable. Diamond is less stable than graphite. It is considered as the hardest substance. The atoms are closely packed in diamond. The atoms share a covalent bonding that makes diamond the hardest substance. It is a natural substance and possesses highest thermal conductivity. It can be used as a cutting tool as well.Over the years, diamond market has seen a boom. People, who are rich enough to fulfill their desires, often fall for diamonds. The best quality of a diamond is that it really enhances your appearance if you wear it. Therefore, buying a diamond jewelry or ring can be a good option if you have a lot of money in your account.


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