There are a wide variety of fles available online that one can buy; though searching the right fles is a tough job. It is a tough job as it involves elimination of different types of bottles till you find the one which the baby approves of. There are a few things one can consider while buying fles online like:

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  • Choose the right nipple- It completely depends upon the baby to choose the right nipple. It is important to keep the shape, size and speed of the flow while choosing the right fles.
  • Material of the nipple: There are two kinds of nipples; latex nipples and silicone nipples they are completely different from each other. Latex ones are good as they are soft and the silicones one are stronger instead of soft but that is the reason why they have a longer life than the latex nipple.
  • Size of the nipples is another thing to keep in mind; size one is for newborns as they have a small hole while size two is for older babies. There are even special nipples for preterm babies.
  • The shape of the nipple is also quiet important; there are different types of shapes dome shaped, flat topped wide nipples and a number of other nipples.
  • Selecting the right bottle is also very important there are a number of bottles like standard baby bottles; which are very common and easily available and then there are bent bottles that are designed for proper venting. There are self sterilizing baby bottles for which one just needs a microwave at home so they get cleaned automatically.

So there are a number of things that one has to keep in mind while buying fles online as everything needs to be seen properly and then the right choice should be made.

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