If you need to create more space in your closet or organize your spices in it, a kitchen appliance can be a spice rack. However, when many people come to the conclusion that they need them, they discover that there are many kitchen countertops to choose from. In this article, I’ll try to help you determine if a wall mounted spice rack is right for you or if a different type of rack is better for you.

Like I said earlier, there are quite a few seasonal shelves that you can choose from. To determine what kind of spice rack you need, you must ask yourself why I need a spice rack. If you need one to create closet space and your countertop is completely full, then a wall mounted spice rack is perfect for you because it takes up no closet space and eliminates clutter in your closet. They can be securely attached to your kitchen wall and remain visible at all times to help you determine when you need to replenish your favorite spices.

Your visibility also means availability. This means you don’t have to search your closet for your favorite seasoning, but it’s right in front of you for ease of use. They also help organize your seasons versus when they’re scattered around the closet. For people looking to free up space and maintain order in the stations, a wall rack is perfect.

 donut racks

While seasonal wall hangers are heavy consumers, they have proven to prefer office hangers. They are also known as revolving or rotating shelving. These are what I call countertop racks because they are usually placed on the kitchen counter. Here are the reasons people choose this type of rack: They require no installation, are a great decorative item, and usually come with a rack filled with popular spices.

Unlike wall-mounted herb drying racks, which need to be nailed or drilled into the wall, the revolving rack can be taken out of the box and placed on the kitchen counter and voila. Also, compared to wall mounted shelving, revolving shelving has more colors, giving a person more options that they can match with their kitchen decor. Finally, the big advantage of most revolving shelves is that most come with a full complement of free spices.

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