When it comes to gemstones, opal has a unique place. May be, it is because it looks distinct and oozes such a cheerful charm in even those who just glance at it. It is this uniqueness that has given opal the epithet, queen of gemstones. That is what William Shakespeare called it in his play ‘Twelfth Night’. Many users gave the opal ring a great review.

A review of opal pendant

The main reason opal pendant is so popular is that it displays a magnificent set of colors. Of course, there are colorless ones also which have its own charm but when you say opal, it is the colors that enter your mind. Opal pendants can be in free form or bezel set. It can come with silver or gold. When it comes to design, you find a whole lot of variety. You will find traditional as well as modern designs and even creative ones. Opal pendants both, with and without diamonds, are popular. Doublets and triplet opal pendants are also in demand, as they cost lesser than other types of opal.

Traditionally, opal pendants were either ones that were made from a group of opal stones or just one single opal with several diamonds around it. The latter design is popular even today. In fact, opal pendants and opal rings stand out because of its uniqueness. There are many websites that gave the opal ring a great review. 

The beauty of opal pendants is that it can be worn by anyone and it will look good. In a jewellery store, no matter what diamonds or gemstones are displayed, it will be the opal that draws your attention fast, such is the wonder play of the vibrant colors in it. At the same time, those who wish to own an opal pendant but do not like too much color can buy the colorless or white opal. They also look as distinct but in a classic manner.

The type of opal that is widely preferred to make pendants is boulder opal. It is a free form opal and that is why it is usually set in bezel so that it is secure and sits firmly. Some pendants come with claw sets. Another opal widely used for pendants is the inlay opal. Sometimes, the back is given black color so as to emphasize the opal color and make it brighter.

Since it is easy to find opal rings, bracelets and necklaces, you can find matching accessories for opal pendants easily. If you just want the pendant to have only opal and no additional stones, then you can opt for a whole opal pendant. Similarly, if you have found an amazing opal ring and you wish to adorn it with diamonds, you can check with the jeweller if it can be done or not.


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