Pepper spray is an aerosol spray containing oils from the cayenne pepper. It is a lachrymatory agent or we can say a chemical compound that is majorly used for self-defense from dangerous events in life. Riots, policing, crowd control, defense from the dogs, bears and wild life are the events where these pepper sprays are usually used. But nowadays, it is being used by girls who need a self-defense item for themselves. It causes an inflammatory effect to the eyes and losing away vision for some time.

cayenne pepper


If you ever have been in a situation where you accidently had a bite of hot chili pepper, which of course must have been too spicy to handle it out, then you must know how bad it feels in your mouth. Drinking enough of water still can’t make you better as the sensation of chili leaves you with an unbearable effect. Well, this is how you feel when the spray for defense is sprayed all over your face and eyes. It leaves an individual with such an effect where they find difficult to have any vision for a period of time and also leaves one with runny nose, difficulty in breathing, and intense level of dry cough. Spray for defense has an effect which depends on the vigor of the spray however usually on an average it lasts for thirty to forty five minutes leaving an individual with diminished vision. Close direct range spray can be more harmful and can cause more serious eye irritation by attacking the main point of the eye.

Spray for defense is often used by the police to control the crowd or being more specific we can call them as ”protectors”, when they aggressively try to attack or get into the political issues or any such issues which gets to high that they become a part of news. This would stop the protestors against attacking the other party and the crowd can get into control.


These are purchased in different styles and shapes; you can find it in every other store like keychain models or in the shape of lipstick and also you can find it in a bottle which can be worn on your waist.

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