Are you starting a recording studio at home; you might be having a number of doubts and confusion. Then this article will help you with the components of a music recording studio for beginners then one can set up a studio by themselves at their home.

Even if you are a complete beginner, with this article you will be able to understand the process very well. But for buying the components you need a proper guide for buying them and how to use them properly and efficiently.there are 7 main components that should be there in every beginner recording studio.there are some important basic elements for achieving the good recordings. Components may vary depending upon the individual goals, but here iam explaining the basic components required for good recordings at home. The following are required like a computer and a Smartphone, one usb, an audio interface, a microphone, a MIDI controller, recording software, headphones, speakers, monitors, cables and stands.

The computer is a central part of your recording studio as it is used for recording, mixing of tunes, sharing your audio tracks. The audio interface is a platform for computer, headphones, speakers so that you can know what you are doing. There are different types of microphones available in the market, but choosing the one which meets your recording targets is crucial. You can connect this microphone to your computer, tablet, or Smartphone.

A MIDI keyboard is required if have multiple musical instruments like drum,synth,bas tracks.when you want to record directly with mic then no need of the this keyboard controller. Many recordings software are available for free, but if you want to achieve high quality recordings and you also want to eidt them then you can purchase premium software. The reaper software can be used for free for 60 days. The headphones you can use of your choice and monitors headed with speakers also you can buy of your preferred choice. The cables are going to need a mic so that you can connect to your computer and microphone and a mic stand is also crucial recording and operating the software at the same time.



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