Getting the right kind of flooring for your flooring for a wide plank can be engineered project. The flooring depends on the cost, ease of installation and stability of the product. You may want to install hardwood for your flooring since they appear beautiful and are often considered to be of the highest quality. Good hardwood flooring must be of the good quality, stable enough to hold stress, should be ensured to install for long span of time and most importantly, must be easy to maintain. However, choosing the right quality of the hardwood floor is absolutely vital. Hence, we provide you with things to remember while choosing your flooring.

How is it made?

Engineered flooring consists of thin layer of wood on veneer and multiple layers of core wood. The thickness of top and bottom layer depends on the designer and manufacturer. Not all wooden floors are of same quality. The longevity and durability depends on the thickness of the board. Check for the samples of the layers individually before you decide.

Check out Dimensions:

Before you make your choice, verify the dimensions of your room and the type of wood. Some people may want broad wood throughout the floor. Just don’t go with the word of mouth. Check for yourself.

Quality of the board:

Before you opt, ask your retailers about the quality of wood – whether it is dry sawn or rotary peeled wood. There is a difference between the two qualities of wood. Also decide about the richness, grains and character of the color on the wood. If your retailer does not have answers to your questions, then re-think about your choice.

Environmental Concern:

To choose the right quality of the wood, ensure that your wooden flooring meets the VOC and CARB2 regulations. The regulations are implemented in order to make wooden flooring safe of use from volatile organic compound effect and indoor air quality.


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