Live superfoods are generally referred to as the green powders extracted from live plants that is green plants. Some examples are wheatgrass, barley, spirulina, chlorella and more. These powders are extracted from them, as it is without any chemicals. Thus they are natural and pose no harmful effects. In addition, they impart numerous health benefits which is why they are called as superfoods.

The benefits of live superfoods

Rich in nutrients: These foods contain almost all the nutrients there possibly is. You will get hundreds of micro nutrients, vitamins and minerals from a spoonful of superfood powder than you will get from a day’s meal.

Dr. Lane Sebring, Patriot Power Greens

Boost immunity: They boost the functions of immune system and thus help in enhancing imunity. The more immunity your body has, the lesser illnesses you will have to suffer.

Improve metabolism: They contain digestive enzymes thereby enhannign digestive process and thus prevents body bloating, flatulence and also helps in eliminate of waste. If your digestive system works well, your gut health will be at its optimal which is another factor contributing to complete wellness of your body as well as mind.

Aid in weight loss: Because they boost digestion, they effectively help in burning of fat and other ingredients, which means they do not accumulate in your body which helps in preventing weight gain and at the same time, they also make you feel full and thereby prevent you from consuming extra and unwanted calories. These superfoods are thus extremely beneficial in promoting weight loss in a healthy and safe manner.

Maintain pH levels of the body:  These superfoods are alkaline and hence help in maintaining the pH levels of the body. The balancing of pH in the body is essential because that is the key to prevent small and big diseases and thus help you to be healthy, fit and fine for a long time.

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