For pharmacists, electronic signatures may feel like a thing of the past, from a period before COVID-19, when things were “normal.” For a long time, electronic signature capture for pharmacies obtaining a patient’s signature to confirm a pickup was merely a standard part of the moment in time procedure. Home deliveries, curbside pickups, and contactless purchases have since replaced signature pads as the primary mode of prescription sales. As even the pandemic showed no sign of abating while pharmacies concentrate their energy on finding increasingly imaginative methods to prioritize patient and worker safety, that day appears far distant.

When pharmacists return to the days

When signatures are required for prescription pickups, pharmacists would be reminded that digital records must meet several statutory and regulatory criteria, and not all autographs are created equal when it comes to rules. As perplexing as this may appear, pharmacy managers can rest assured that technology companies have kept up with signature prerequisites and that certain processes, such as Micro Merchant Systems’ PrimeRxTM, provide solutions that are simple to use, definitely make storage, facilitate compliance requirements, and are portable for use with a mobile device. One of the law’s pharmacy-related regulations is that all patients must be given a copy of the pharmacy’s “notice of privacy practices” and must sign a form acknowledging receipt of such notice. More precisely, the pharmacist must make a “good faith attempt” to get the patient’s signature and document cases when the patient refused to sign or was unable to produce a signature due to extenuating factors.

The average pharmacy manager isn’t alone in asking

How to put in place an electronic signature system that meets these stringent standards. The electronic signature feature is included in many pharmacy management systems. However, not all of them have the same capability, so pharmacy management must carefully analyze the capabilities and characteristics of each platform. Surescripts integration is seamless. Surescripts is the leading supplier of electronic medical record management solutions, as well as a key partner in bridging the gap between doctors, insurers, and pharmacies. PrimeRxTM integrates with Surescripts Networking Alliance to provide smooth electronic prescription transfer and quick, electronic signature capture for pharmacies accurate patient data analysis.

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